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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Glad_its_all_over, Sep 23, 2008.

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  1. Copied from another conferencing system:

    Commonwealth citizens joining British Army

    The Gurkhas' legal team urgently (by end of Wednesday 24th September)
    need to find an example case of a soldier recruited directly to the
    British Army from a Commonwealth country to disprove statements being
    made by the Home Office.

    “We need to find a person who joined the British Army between 1962 and
    1997 who was a citizen of a Commonwealth Country and joined the Army
    directly from his own country - that is, they had not entered and settled
    in the UK before applying to join the Army.

    “The reasons behind this requirement are complex. However, our legal team say that the finding of even one such instance would fundamentally
    improve the chance of victory in this case.”

    If you can help, visit Gurkha Support Page
    Ref. Liberal Democrat Voice (
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  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Fijians? Any Fijians out there?

    South Africans? Zimbabweans?
  5. Bump - come on guys, this is serious - if anyone has/can help, could they please comment below.
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  7. There was a lad who use to be in the Rhodesian police force in my Bn during the 80's, dont know how he moved to us, but I know he was born out there.

    Might be worth a bit of research!
  8. I think I know a Fijian in 61 sqn 6 supply RLC who might fit the bill, His dad joined the British army 30 odd years ago and was in the fiji the time he joined (he says he Fijian so I don't think he has a British passport) I won't be able to confirm until I see him next week.

    And Ive just thought of a certain commando trained loggie who was in the falklands war who might have joined from Belize.
  9. Five of those Fijians (Privates Baleimatuku, Ravu, Turaga, Quarau, Conivavalagi) can be traced to the 1st Bn Duke of Edinburghs Royal Regiment (Tidworth) in 62 - now of The Rifles.

    Chances of all of them having first entered and settled in the UK before applying to join the Army, extermely slim to nil, as is unfortunately the chances of surfacing one of them in person with little under 24 hours notice. Would have advised the legal team to have have sent out for contacts sooner.