Support for single parents?

Curious as to any help or support for those single parents in my case as a guy where my son lives full time with his mum.

I know you need to be married for married quarters but is there anyway for my son stay with me after completion of basic training or just a case of taking him away for weekends etc? My son will be living in Scotland and me in England btw
If you have a child who does not live with you I'm sure that you can get SFA to facilitate contact.

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You have to be the registered primary carer to qualify for service housing, that's about as far as support for single parents goes. Otherwise its a case of booking the welfare contact house or a local travel lodge.

A hard choice to make is either career or child although many are able to balance both quite well others utterly fail and become a burden to the regimental welfare system.
You can put if for a surplus quarter, it is hard to get but not impossible. Ive managed to have a surplus qtr for the last 10 years in different areas, just dont expect five star houses or flats.
Tell DE you will take any house or flat. If you have joint residency order, that helps.

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