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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Hescoheed, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. I would be very grateful if someone can point me in the right direction of a good shoulder support.

    I managed to dislocate my shoulder whilst snowboarding back in March and after months of physio, my shoulder is almost back to normal, although after gym work/climbing and mountain biking it still feels like its going to come out again, even though I am taking it slowly.

    I know my limits and it doesn't greatly affect my PFT etc (thank god for Ibuprofen), except I want to start increasing my training for winter climbing and snowboarding. I am looking for a good neoprene, or equivalent support, that will give hold it all together and stop it coming out again whilst giving a reasonable amount of flexibility. I have found that my wetsuit is ideal, but obviously impractical for other sports :D

    Anyone got any tips/hints from their own experience?

    Long term I am looking at surgery, but it might be a while before it all comes together........ god bless the NHS. In the meantime any ideas would be appreciated.

    Cheers HH
  2. whenever iv fucked my shoulder climbing...i just go to boots and buy a big long bandage. a tonne of safety pins, wrap round your shoulder until you've covered your armpit. if you need to wrap higher, wrap the top at an angle keeping it under your armpit.
    use loads of safety pins to keep the tension. tbh its not too comfortable but it constricts enough.

    tbh, id go to a doc, because if its working its way out of socket, it can cause some nasty side effects.

    anyway, hurt it climbing? you not mastered your cat like falls when leading yet :p? all that advice like push away as you fall and land with your legs against the wall to absorb the impact is ok on a indoor wall or when your expecting it, but whenever i take a fall climbing, the first thing i know about it is when i come off.. and then its more like bouncing all the way and getting castrated by the harness at the bottom....
  3. "managed to dislocate my shoulder whilst snowboarding"
    Anyway it's not the falling when climbing I am worried about its the instability in my shoulder that lets it potentially pop out if I go for long stretch holds etc and also some support that'll stop it getting ripped out again if I fall like a tw*t again when snowboarding.

    I also couldn't be bothered spending ages wrapping a bandage around it in a complicated fashion when a more simply contructed support might do. There are neoprene options i have seen on the internet, but there are so many to choose from and advice from anyone who has had any good results from a particular style or brand would be good.

    On the long list for a consultant to look at it, but GP reckons the knife at somepoint.

    Cheers though Chris
  4. I have been advised by a very knowledgable physio that supports are generally not the best option. If you are risking popping it out again it means that you are not yet ready to do that activity. Wait until you are as using a support apparently makes the muscles rely on the support and heal more slowly. Listen to your body, if its saying no, then dont.


  5. try these

    Depending on how bad your dislocation was, i.e. if you shattered the ball joint ect will determine what support you need, before trying any of these go and ask your physo what he/she thinks you should do.

    i have found most products like this to thick and to heavy, so be careful when buying over the net, as pictures can be deceiving.

  6. This is just far too spooky,

    I have been looking into getting one for myself. I broke my left collar bone last saturday and want to give myself the best chance of healing whilst trying to get fit again.

  7. go shoulder,go shoulder,go shoulder,go shoul......oh not that kind of support!

  8. cheers all especially datum head, it feels better already ha haa! :)