Support for new army parents

Speak to your welfare office - that's what they are there for.

What sort of support are you after anyway, money, babysitting, nappy changing ????
bohoarmymum said:
is there any ?????????????????????????????
If you are a new mum and recently married then speak to your families office and the local hive who will give you plenty of advice and local groups available. One big tip if your new on the scene dont try and keep up with the Jones and get ourself into financial difficulties. Maybe all your neighbours have nice furniture and new cars while you think your struggling along, there probably HPd up to the eyeballs. (i have a few of my blokes in the past in this situation).
hope everything goes well, there is plenty of help out there if you need it.
halomonkey said:
Iron take a look at her other threads. She is the mother of a 17yr old who has gone to AFC Harrogate.
Ok just read that halo.

I can also help on this one.

My son finished at AFC this year and has grown up so much in the last year, he has had a massive boos to his confidence and maturity. Even after 20 years in the Army and Mrs Iron seeing 17 years of it from a padswife side we were still apprehensive on my lad leaving. It was pointless really as its done him the world of good. He's away from young unemployed chavs on the street corners, has his own money (nearly a grand in the bank a month) and been ski-ing in Austria and to France.

Its a parents right to worry but if you have any worries speak to the Recruiter who enlisted him or his section commander at AFC (when i was recruiting I had loads of parents come in for chats or advice after I enlisted their sons)

Also has said use the families/welfare office if you have problems of Platoon staff.

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