Support for Labour party in tNorth collapses

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Sep 24, 2009.

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  1. "LONDON (Reuters) - The Labour Party's traditional lead over the Conservatives in northern England, its electoral stronghold, has collapsed under Prime Minister Gordon Brown, according to research by the Financial Times newspaper.

    The FT said on Thursday David Cameron was on course for a clear majority of English seats in the next general election, expected in May 2010.

    The business daily's analysis of recent polling data indicates the Tories have a four-point lead in the north of England, wiping out the 19-point Labour lead in the region that helped keep Tony Blair in power in the last election."

    Meanwhile Cyclops (when not trying to gloss over the small matters of having to wait to make his speech whilst a berobed nutter cr@pped on and then being snubbed 5 times in a row by Obama thanks to his dealings with said berobed nutter) continues to "insist" that Labour can win the next election under him and that that this is merely a reflection of voter dismay at all the main parties.

    Dream on......
  2. Well, they've spent the past 12 years ignoring their supposedly core vote, the white working class, no wonder they're deserting them...
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Support in t'north has collapsed? All of a sudden like? Collapsed wid nowt tekken out? Happens that's a bit of a shocker in't'it!

    Why all of a sudden? Did the fact that he's a failure and a throbber just occur to them?

    I mean, I know things are a little foggy and slow up't'norf, but FFS! :roll:
  4. He still hasn't klicked on that he is yesterdays man , no one wants to talk to a failure
  5. He went off to the UN & G20 gigs in the clear hope of coming back to the Labour Party conference bathed in the warm fuzzy glow of respected International Stateman. Instead:

    Micky Mouse "World Stateman of the Year" Award from an outfit nobody has ever heard of and awarded by that twat Bono to boot

    Speech held up at the UN by his new best friend

    Snubbed 5 times by Obama

    Claims to have non publicly visible "talks" with Obama which now turn out to have been a chat whilst on the hoof and in a kitchen FFS!

    Stood up by US bankers: only one pitched up to meeting despite widespread invitations and he is the ex chairman of Citigroup . Rest were representatives from UK banks

    G-20 meeting in Pittsburgh looking increasingly like it will be a public order clusterfcuk, complete with the Lockerbie Familes group mounting further protests.

    Mucho grief brewing back in the UK

    Wonderful: Dead Man Walking
  6. Schadenfreude springs to mind.

    I really hope that this is the last we will see of Labour,full stop.

    The combined effects of the Labour parties debt coupled with a proposed cap on union donations and a crushing GE defeat might be enough to see them pushed into third place.

    At the very least it should ensure that we will not have to endure their lunacy for a good fifteen years.

    Clegg needs to have his head examined going after tory votes in this climate.This is the best chance the Libs have had for decades to assume the mantle of the 'left' and he is squandering it by attempting to protect the sixty seats they have in the HoC.I suppose thats the Libs all eye for the prize and a whelps ambition.
  7. Hardly surprising. The North never votes Tory.
  8. Some do. It's a losing battle in Sunderland though.

    I admit that Chris Mullin (LAB Sunderland South) has not abused his expenses to any noticeable degree and kudos to him for his integrity, but I'll still vote Tory.
  9. Largely true, but not entirely some arts of Cumbria for example have been Tory since the dawn of time.
    The cities are a different matter, my Scouse mother in law is in a right quandry, she still believes Mr Brown is a mis-understood victim and cannot forgive the Tories for the 1980's. She dislikes what has become of this country but simply cannot get her head around voting anything but Labour, the furthest she will go is to abstain.
  10. One of the problems was the beginning of the destruction of our industrial base by the Tories, the fact that Labour has almost completed the job seems lost on the Northern populace.

    Wouldn't vote for any of the cnuts personally speaking.
  11. I think it has little to do with that rather the party has been on a self destruct mission for the past 12 years. They promised an end to sleaze and arrogance, and failed. To sleaze and arrogance they have added cronyism and a total lack of decency. They have lost Scotland so is it surprising they are now losing the North. People are no longe ashamed to say they will not and perhaps never vote labour, where as 12 years ago in amny areas no one would ever admit in public voting for any party other than labour.
  12. Really? Not in this part of the North, they aren't. And isn't "norf" more usually associated with Cockneys?

    I concede that there are whole areas between the Trent and the border that have stayed loyal to the Goon Show no matter what their antics, but I get the strong impression, in my local travels, that even some of the former diehards are giving up on Labour in general and Brown in particular. The terminally idle and useless - anywhere in the country - will never abandon their meal ticket, but the more intelligent elements of the Northern working class are (it seems) finally deserting Zanu NL at a rate of knots. Why did it take them so long to do so? Part of the answer may be found in attitudes such as that suggested by the title of this thread and the quote shown above.
  13. I blame Lord Meddlesome.
    It all went wrong for Labour when he went on a rare visit to his Hartlepool constituency.Bravely he ventured into a chippy,to be seen as one of the people.Spotting a bowl of mushy peas,he asked if it was guacamole.
    Oh how they laughed.
  14. Eee, lad... do they still stick little 'uns oop Chimbley oop north?
  15. Yes, and political correctness, gross incompetence, economic and historical illiteracy,disdain for the Constitution, the invention and impostion of a surveillance society, failure to properly manage the education of our young, a complete lack of interest in immigration controls and the effect of ingrained welfarism on the recipients, contempt for and lack of interest in the Armed Forces, complacency as regards the first duty of Government ie. the defence of the nation. On the other hand it's now legal to bugger a 16yr old boy.
    I could go on but you get my drift I'm sure?