Support for injured servicemen

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by scaryspice, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Just in case anyone has missed the "NIMBY thread" in Current Affairs.

    Here's a summary of what's going on (shamelessly stolen from a sig block in CA - thanks!)
    Can I ask anyone who has sympathy with this (and I have to say that if you haven't then perhaps you should poke off and post elsewhere) to go here and add your name. You need to be a British resident or an expatriate to sign this as it's a Govt petition, but you can still write letters of support.

    Thanks :D

    Edited more than once for screwing up the petition link :oops:
  2. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Much better put than I can HERE
  3. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Bumped to say if you haven't written your letter of support (anyone from anywhere can do this bit) or signed the Govt e-petition (British citizens only but expats can sign) on this one then it's not too late. Go to the website linked above for all the details you need.

    Don't think about it - just do it.