Support for 1 Para over the Saville Report

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jasevx, Jun 21, 2010.

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    We've only been going a week and have over 6 thousand members, growing rapidly each day, the push is to ensure the members of 1Para mentioned in the Saville report get the same protection under prosecution as members of the paramilitary organisations as per the Good Friday agreement. We need numbers guys, the Wotton Bassett FB page that made the government intervene is guiding us, and we have in house lawyers, so more servicemen the better.

    Support the Bloody Sunday Paras

    The Admin Team
    Support the Bloody Sunday Paras
  2. you might get more support for the members of 1 Para mentioned in the report... :roll:
  3. 2 Para?
  4. Err,for a start it might help if you got the correct Bn 8O
  5. I thought 49 Para fired the first shots....
  6. Silly boy
  7. Sorry lads that was a typo, I am on the ball, one arm in a sling doesn't help!
  8. You were only out by 1 you have two more guesses :)

  9. Mate, for Christ sake,

    2 Para, were NOT involved in Bloody Sunday!!! :x

    if you're going to run this sort of facebook page, at least get the fcuking facts correct otherwise you'll look like a proper cnut!

    There's hundreds of Civvy Armchair Generals, Slop Jockey's, Company Clerks, Officers Mess Waiters & Blanket Stackers, who'll take the p!ss out of you, for getting the words wrong!!! 8O
  10. Just like that Booty got his job back?

    Facebook groups are about as effective as No10 Petitions, just a waste of bandwidth consumed by the termianally deluded.
  11. For once, I agree with you! :)

    Whats termianally mean? 8O

    But you're still a W4nker!!! :p
  12. It's like terminally but typed more quickly :)
  13. Ah... & there was me thinking that you knew a swear word that I didn't!!! :)
  14. Edited lads, sorry for the typo, yes I know 1 and 2 are next to each other, but my writing hands in a sling, so its been mispelling all day. Huge apologies to 1 and 2 Para! ;)