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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 263A, Jun 29, 2010.

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  1. 2 planes came back to England,one was full of overpaid underachieving footballers :twisted:
    One with seven coffins with soldiers that lost thier lives with a Union Jack draped over them :cry: .
    Footballers PLAY for this country

    Soldiers FIGHT for this country

    Footballers give 90 minutes of their time :lol:
    Soldiers GIVE THIER LIVES :cry:


    Andy thank you for sending me this,for a marine your a real gent 8)
  2. I see your point. However, I find it a bit crass mentioning a bunch of overpaid, preening prima donnas in the same paragraph as these soldiers. Did those that care really need to see it outlined in this way?
  3. how does sex and travel sound you thick cunt!,it's an appraisal of honour and respect where earned and deserved but a shit for brains like you is a total waste of space and time :twisted:
  4. Why not take a thread with an emotive subject and trash it, when it's your own, in only ten minutes.


    Try again.
  5. Fuck off hat
  6. I am not searching for an argument, I was making a point that the two in my view should not even be mentioned together. The point is too obvious, if you can't see that , that's down to you. If the original poster is offended, then I apologise, that wasn't my intention.
  7. Not YOUR fault bud I just open before engage at times :)
  8. This is going nowhere, I suggest you try again without the hair trigger.
  9. No problem mate. Perhaps I should have thought about what I typed first as it is indeed an emotive subject. Maybe Rooney and his oppos could donate their next month's salary to H4H. Although I doubt it!