Support China in applying its laws to Drugs Traffickers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by socialhandgrenade247, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. In the Metro Today Stephan Fry is trying to get a UK citizen's death penalty commuted.

    There is alike to Amnesty Internationals site where you can email the Chinese, I have sent them my support and also left a comment on the Metro’s page.

    May be it is time the media and Amnesty know how the average person feels about us meddling in other countries laws and how we view our weak lax laws.

  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Stephen Fry should go and get himself a suitcase full of the stuff and kill himself with it. That's point one.

    Point two is that the Chinese should kill the other bloke that had the suitcase full of drugs.
    Britain and China have an unvenviable record as far as opium goes and now is a good oppportunity for them to make clear their stance and stick to it.

    Just my humble opinion of course.
  3. I humbly support you.
  4. Biped-

    I disagree with point one, but I do think Stephen Fry should stick to doing his actual fecking job, that is, entertaining people and abusing Alan Davies on QI.

    Point two is absolutely bang-on.
  5. Why is it that there are so many utterly stupid people in this world. "Here, carry this through customs will you?" I wouldn't do that in a normal country, let alone one that had the death penalty for drug smuggling. I just don't believe the carrying it for someone else bit, who would? Quite apart from drug smuggling I wouldn't want to be carrying a bomb onto a plane I might be flying on and if it's to help someone get off the plane, well he managed to get on without my help.
    Drugs cause more death and misery than religion. They destroy lives and they destroy society. In this country I'd like to see drug smugglers and pedallers get life of at least 25 years tariff. If China decides that the penalty is death then death it is, they're not coming to us to enforce their stance, he came to them.
  6. I agree with Markintime
    There are plenty of 'decent' causes out there which don't involve us trying to unfuck arseholes who have decided to make money out of drugs and take the piss out of other peoples laws.
    Stephen Fry. I used to find you amusing. Now I find you a cuunt. (doesn't really make sense but I know what I meant)
  7. Isn't he bi-sexual?
  8. Sorry I meant bi-polar.
  9. The best thing that happened to S Fry was in V for Vendetta.

    I just wish they would get on and shoot the little fecker (or is that feckers as he claims there are several of him) and then we could stop talking about him and think about more important issues like what to cook for dinner tonight.
  10. I support China and any country which enforces its own laws of foreigners who break them.
  11. No "Free Tibet" for you then? :D
  12. Sorry I meant the guy in the news story is allegedly bi polar.Not that Fry is either of those two things.
  13. No. That's right. What it has to do with drug smuggling I haven't worked out. The Chinese mind their business and I mind mine, although I wouldn't object to them campaigning for Free Wales and Free Scotland.
  14. give that man a 9mm injection, will cure him of his Bi-Polar disorder and take a drug muggler off the streets.
  15. if you want an insight into how China deals with drug offenders read'Prisoner13498 -Robert Davies, Mainstream Publishing 2001.This will suprise many,especially as it shows that that China has a far more humane penal system than many 'western' perspectives show,while still being a fairly good Prison Lag survives tale.