Support at home?,from the BBC?.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by reverend.clog, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. Today on the BBC, five live message boards, somebody posted comparing british soldiers to terrorists and murderers, and despite repeated attempts by several people to get this person censured, the board moderators refused to remove the post or take action.
    When will we get some support from the one news organisation that should support us?. Its especially disgusting that the beeb allows abuse of this sort, citing freedom of speech, when without the sacrifices of sevivemen and women past and present, the BBC would have no freedom of speech.
    If you'd care to take a look, its the thread concerning the newsnight interview onpurportedly racist Islamic teaching materials.
    Stay safe.rev.Clog.
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Provide link please if the posts are still there
  3. PHP:
    Scroll down a little way.
    Stay safe.Rev.Clog
  4. What is a title of the thread and what is a serial number(s) of the post(s)?
  5. I think it's the thread "100th British soldier died 'in action' in Iraq today" (the quotes around in action are in the thread title).

    The poster would appear to be calling itself 'Mariah Carey'
  6. It did originally appear on this thread
    But the postrer repeated the same sentiments on the first thread I gave at message 57.
    on the thread just above on the same person says
    Message 17 posted by MariahCarey (U7303993) , 2 Days Ago

    "To the individual who claims the soldier bravely gave up his life???????

    Please don't make me cringe with disgust. Brave? whats brave about invading another country and taking away the law and order causing deaths and torture..everyone knows that British troops are involved in rape and inhumane torture..its not rocket science. Yes how brave to invade a country over an illegal war which shouldn't have taken place anyway." 

    Its still there.
    anyone can manage to get the press to see this or get Army P.Rinvolved maybe we can get the BBC to sort this out.
    Stay safe.Rev.Clog.
  7. While this idots comments are unfounded and idiotic, there something you need to learn about internet forums...

    Arguing with and anonymous poster on an internet forum is as useful as banging your head off a brick wall.

    Dont bother, you'll only get stressed out for nothing while giving the poster more fuel to continue his posts. The people who matter know the job the lads and lasses are doing, and thats what matters. Not what some slimy little p1ssant's opinions on a forum are.
  8. Rev Clog, on the same forum write "All Muslims are terrorists and potential suicide bombers, you know its true, it aint rocket science" and see how long it lasts
  9. Agreed! Although the bitch could probably do with being made watertight to teach her some manners. :frustrated:
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I have made MANY attempts to post on the BBC forums, and my comments have not been offensive, just pointing out the truth from a well thought out perspective.

    Only 1 of about 20 posts has actually been put up. When I've complained, I've got the usual response about how there are only a small number of moderators, blah blah blah.

    If I had posted comments that were blatantly new labliar or anti-forces, I could almost guarantee that they would all go up.

    Is the BBC any better than the SCUM at this time? I'm not sure.