Support and advice needed for wife of ex RAF with PTSD and complicated medical issues

Okay, not me or someone I know personally, but one of my wife's friends has just posted the following blog on her facebook page as the lady involved is her neighbour.

Fighting for Steve

Okay so the bloke is an ex-crab but I was hoping some of those in the know - especially anyone medical/legal, might be able to get in touch and pass on some words of wisdom. I'm happy to be a conduit for contact if people want, but to be honest it's probably easier if people read the blog and contact the lady writing it if they can help.

I'm going to fire her an e-mail with the usual - RBL, SSAFA, Combat Stress links for her to try and get support from




Recently read a heartwarming story about the RBL helping someone with MS out with off road transport for their farm. Hope they manage to get some support and get things moving
shared the blog on my FB page , not sure what good it will do , but you never know
Sorry for her and understand her distress but she comes across on the blog as someone who is impossible to please.

ALL of the doctors she has encountered are either wrong or inept, she feels it necessary to give her own secondary examination of his notes herself everyday, she states his discharge from hospital was unsafe, and FFS she even calls decisions made by the London Neurological Hospital into question.

I bet the staff just love her.

Wish her and him all the best but perhaps entitling blog entries as '50 Shades of Shit' is going to turn people off her cause as opposed to see them support it.

She opens her blog with

you'll be able to see the embarrassing catalogue of inaction as a blow by blow account
and with expectations like that, I defy any medical professional to succeed.
Clearly a very caring and protective wife. However from reading the blog so far I wouldn't want her in my corner.

The lack of information considering it is supposed to be to help Steve is underwhelming. Who diagnosed the PTSD and when? In the last few years I've been falling over adverts relating to Combat Stress nor does it appear as though they have made any attempt to reach out to the ex-forces organisations which are there to help pick up the pieces when it all goes wrong.

I have a lot of sympathy for their situation but from my point of view they haven't attempted the basics. I hope things improve once they have reached out to the organisations which are there are ready to help.

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