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Support a Squaddie

great site, about time someone did something for us like this.

So many people seem too quick to knock the armed forces for doing a dangerous and difficult job. write letters and make some ones day who is miles from home.
After seeing a link to Support A Squaddie on Rum Ration site several weeks ago I decided to make a donation and request information to volunteer, however, despite many email's I have still to hear from them and have noticed several broken links/email address's on the site. I have reported them to the Charities Commission. The site breaks several rules regarding the conduct of charities in the UK.

If anyone else has had a similar problem please would they let me know.

Can I also suggest an alternative and enduring charity (apart from my own personal favourite called Mine's a Double, Ta Very Much) for anyone with the odd 50p spare this Christmas


Ta very much, :D Marina
Seems pretty stupid to give them money if you ask me. I see no mention at all of being a registered charity?

If I passed you in the street wearing a Nurse's Uniform, would you give me a tenner to pass onto the Doctor you saw on TV?

www.ssafa.org.uk is the safer option imho
The site claimed charitable status when I linked to it last month hence my report to CC.

I am a nurse and will make sure you get special treatment if you ever come under my tender care :twisted:

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