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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by m4jbk, Jul 10, 2012.

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  1. I've been issued MTP shirt & smock, however stores are saying trousers would take months to arrive, they have been ordered on 3 desperate occasions. So they thought issuing me trousers that are massive, so much do they can be taken off without undoing. Can anyone help with a place I can get some that fit?
  2. ebay
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  3. Is this a regular unit ? Sounds odd.
  4. Either wear the clown trousers you have been issued or continue to wear CS95 until the stores have some pucker kit thats your size ... simple


  5. The whole story of the issue of this kit has been a cake and arrse party, from what I can tell. The initial bid from where I sit didn't arrive for ages, in fact 'they' said it was lost; when it finally arrived, it came with no 'normal' sized trousers - not a problem for me, because as a rather more comfortably upholstered and elderly officer I got some that fitted, much to the annoyance of the young, keen, racing snakes hereabouts and my Sergeant Major in particular who couldn't bear being in 'REMF kit' (as I renamed C95s) whilst I looked like an American in pyjamas. I wore it until he got his then reverted to Barrack Dress.... little things etc.

    A month or so later, another huge load of the stuff arrived! Having been told that our bid was lost and that we had to re-submit another order, we got that as well - so the clothing stores is awash with the stuff and that now includes trousers that fit! I have to say that the Gortex jacket is rather fine and will certainly cut a dash in the shooting season.
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  6. We only got the sizing request last week, but as we are not exactly at the pointy end of things thats not really a huge problem.
  7. My trousers have been ordered 3 times, the first in november last year. Stores said it could take months! I have 1 pair of wearable c95 trousers with no holes. I'm due to go to the sunny! Falklands for 6 months soon so really could do with decent kit.
  8. Dont worry , The stuff is out there.

    However you won't see it as its all gone to the Army,RAF and Navy bods who are being dicked to guard the Olympics:)

    Fancy a 6 day 12 hour shift guarding an Olympic site with 1 day off followed by a further 4 weeks of the same fun!

    No extra pay though unlike the Plod, Bus rivers, Underground drivers et all.

    Makes you proud to serve your country.

    Here they are in training and also trying out the metal detectors :)

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  9. It's got to the point of me being tempted to buy my own, £36 a pair!
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Wear clown trousers be a trend setter!

    At the very least the RSM will blow a fuse and your kit will appear!
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I have to laugh, I didnt see anything on screen apart from the canteen cowboy patrol and thought you were being sarcastic, I must use F11 on my notebook more often!
  12. Im a matelot and im going to be wearing either 4's or 3's uniform for Op Speshul Olympics, well we think so, the op order is still classed as a state secret and noones seen it or a kit list, only going on Sunday...

    If it helps im still waiting to recieve MTP shirts that fit :p

    And why are they not using the issue hoodlem metal detectors?
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Get yourself down to my local surplus shop, packed with mtp in CS 95 and PCS!
    Very cheap too!

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  14. Where is that
  15. You were not issued any shirts PCS has a jacket and a smock. It does not come with a shirt.
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