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Discussion in 'RLC' started by jenkz, Jan 23, 2005.

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  1. i am thinking of applying to become a supply controller,can anyone give me the pros and cons about this position,am married,28 with three kids so have to take my family into consideration :?:
  2. First do really want to join the Army? Have serious read through this website

    Shiny Arrses sit at a computer all day,file and drink brews/wets.
    On exercise shiny arrse sits at computer all day, files and drinks brews. Occasionaly stags on. laughs at stinky dirty PBI.
    (The Infantry, gawd bless um!) :)
    Average promotion is to quick. 18 months after leaving deepcut to lance jack. Thats if you survive Deepcut first. 8O

  3. Sup Con, (Stackers) is about to combine with Sup Spec, (also Stackers), to be called something like RLC Supplier, (still Stackers).
    Promotion for Sup Cons is historically fast, but I don't know what changes will happen when it combines.
    Join as an egg op....get up early a few days, heat up pre cooked food, maybe sometime cook some fresh, and get paid the same as the bomb disposal guys. Easy money.
  4. so not the most exciting of jobs?
    but qualifications gained are very useful in civvy street arent they?
  5. I dont think any trade is that exciting. Its all about what you do while you are in.
  6. are there plenty of opportuninties to do other stuff,
    i.e sport and such
  7. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Have you looked at the Army website?

    All your questions will/may be answered there.

    Other than that, yeah become a Sup con, or an Ammo Tech.

    Not sure what qualifications you'll get for civvy street. A mate of mine was a Sup Con for 15 years, got out (MD) and is now a rat catcher.