Supply Controller / Supply Specialist Amalgamation date ?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by DesktopCommando, Feb 16, 2011.

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  1. Does anyone know the date this happened, as Im getting screw by the JPAC hitlers at the moment

  2. Are they trying to take you off the higher payband? It was over 3 years ago, I'll get the exact date tomorrow when I check JPA, to see when I magically got my B1 supplier qual without doing anything.
  3. PM sent , but believe its some time in 2008
  4. Morning bump* I'm currently waiting someone from RLC museum to call back :)
  5. On my JPA quals page its showing as 1st April 2006.
  6. See PM. Should be with you.
  7. I have to deal regularly with the denizens in the gloomy reaches of the stores shed, I usually go in person. If I phone them I always end up having to ask if I can speak to an adult. Now from this experience, if these, I won't call them trades, pointless pastimes, are to be merged, they will need to settle on a common language.

    Will it be "Fijian fuckwit pidjin" or "brummi halfwit soup dragon"?
  8. 1st April, how ******* apt.

    I was a Cpl Sup Con at the time and worked in provisioning; when the "great day" for both trades coming together was on the horizon and the Sup Specs were rejoicing, I suggested to our Tp OC that he directly swap each Sup Con NCO for the Sup Spec role and vice versa. After all, we were all about to be equal etc. Funnily enough he never took me up on it as he knew that even with the appropriate courses the majority of them would struggle. I further told the Sup Spec hierarchy that I'd gladly walk into any of their jobs at any rank as I could do with a break, that didnt go down well but they couldnt really offer any response.

    Am I bitter about the trade amalgamation? Too fuckin right I am, it was madness.
  9. regular_imbiber,

    On paper, the Sup Specs were more qualified as Suppliers, because they only had a skills gap of 50 odd tasks to be trained on. On the other hand, the Sup Cons had skills gap of well over a hundred tasks to be trained on.

    Of course, the reality was that we had to take the yellow crayons off the stores chimps and teach them how to write and use a telephone.

  10. I always used to call my Sup Specs "Yardies" and the smile on their faces when they happily brushed the shed was enough to cheer even the hardest heart.

    Anyway, regarding the matter in hand, the reason I believed that the amalgamation wouldnt work was because people would be pigeon-holed in certain jobs e.g demands, RSG, issues, provisioning etc reflecting their abilities. That did happen and is happening and will continue to do so until the trade is "pure" Log Spec and all us old feckers are gone.

    PS They cant even agree on a name for the trade for very long................ remember "Suppliers"?
  11. Thats strange, because I don't remember a single stacker wanting to do the sup con role, we were quite happy nicking kit and doing courses ranging from MBLU to dog handling rather than sitting in a office.
  12. Our reality was having to take the pies off the sup cons and get them out into the fresh air a bit more.
  13. They never managed to take my pies away from me:)

    Shiny (Fat) Arrse
  14. I cant remember a single Sup Con ever wanting to re-trade to Sup Spec.However I do recall loads of Yardies re-trading to Sup Con; which,in the context of this gripe, is all we need to know.

    Edit: Have you been involved with this new LST concept yet? I'm keen to get try it next posting.
  15. I'll admit its quite possible we sent all our sick, lame and lazy to you, after all biffs are generally attracted to office jobs, hence why the AGC get so many retrades, but in general none of us asked or wanted amalgamation.