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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Slyfox, Dec 17, 2007.

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  1. I have heard a rumour that the supply trade may be going onto the high pay band (as used to be the case with sup con ) anyone throw some light on this.
  2. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    Definite urban myth for me.

    Due to recruiting problems there may well be a golden hello and a golden please don’t get out yet
  3. This has been a rumour since before the amalgamation - however every rumour I've heard has given 2009 as the "upgrade" date, so we'll see then.

    One way or the other.
  4. lol as a re enlister there was no golden hello just annoyed that im now on a lower wage than i was in 2004 but wasnt told that until i got to Germany.
  5. on
    Stop your whinging!! Lol, Better than the DOLE. Merry Christmas, Si!!!
  6. LOL Merry Christmas to you to Mate see you in January dont be late ......
  7. I fail to see how supplier can justify being high pay band. If you want higher pay band re-trade, when there are insufficient suppliers they will make it high pay band for retention purposes.
  8. becuase my trade was sup con and on the higher pay band untill some idiot made it 1 trade and put everyone on the low pay band
  9. Even then I fail to see why Sup Con was on the high pay band.
  10. come come Dingerr, The Sup Con is second only to the AT in technical ability! How many times have sup cons bailed you EOD boys out when you've had a pie to eat or something?

    'Sorry plod can't make the IED you've found ........pie to eat and all that..........whats that? no don't ring Pet Ops they're busy fighting with each other in a ditch and besides haven't you heard of Sup Cons?..........No .....Sup Cons.........whats so feckin funny?.........They are on the higher band you know..........No..... higher band not elastic band.......well it's because they end up as BOWO or something........Yes we know you've got Bowows in the kennel......whats so funny?'

    Nope I can't suss it either - good for retention though!
  11. I only asked because at my place i am the Account Supervisor and that's on top of my technical tasks, but then £50 Million of Ammo may be insufficient for a Sup Con to be in post! (either that or they understand feck all about ammo, hmmmm wonder which it could be).
  12. Try explaining working losses to them!
  13. Yeah, and all they say to you is "computer says no!"
  14. Well I was Supervising £76 Million pounds worth of Ammo on ACAS 2 as a Sup Con, & know loads about Ammo :)
  15. Really? 76 mil? you obviously understand feck all about the price, or is there some secret base on the moon you were looking after?

    Did you get off your shiny chair and select, move inspect and issue the ammo much?

    The thread is about pay bands. IMO the only trades who justify it in the RLC and Pioneer (if they keep up the Inf Role they undertake in the 'Stan).

    I don't see others trying to justify themselves or the work they do for being on the higher band - just alot of pointless slagging off and the "I worked hard one day, back in 1999" comments that arise.