Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Pocket fox, Sep 23, 2011.

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  1. i am currently a port op and the regiment is looking for suppliers to deploy to afghan. As a port op there really is no chance of mobilistion to afghan so this is probably
    my only route to deploy. has anybody been deployed in this role and how was the experience.please could people refrain from the usual sarky comments about blanket stacking
    and picking up fag butts i get that its not the greatest job in the army but i am only after information.
  2. Out of interest (but of absolutely no help to you) do Port Ops deploy to Pakistan?
  3. I Know a staff sergeant took a post there to gain his wo2 but i think this is a one off i havent heard of any port ops deploying to pakistan i will try to find out for you if you like.
  4. Would port ops have much to do in a commercial port other than to inspect it in the first instance to check it's suitability?
  5. If your asking about using a civillian port for military uses then port ops would do a port recce to decide wether the port is suitable if it turned out to be suitable then we would basically run the port with the help of the civillian workforce
  6. Small bump as I'm interested in the replies!
  7. 3 times, all doing different tasks. The main place would be the storehouse (which last I looked was big container park) in Bastion. Its just a basic receive stores and issue them out (on a large scale).

    Strangely enough when I was FOB hopping doing a inventory check there was a Port op (regular) who was part of our team.

    Blanket stacking has nothing to do with suppliers, there are probably more infantry blanket stackers than there are RLC.
  8. there are n port ops in pakistan; that's not to say that there has never been or won't be in the future.

    There is a shortage of suppliers - well medically fit, deployable ones - this is unlikely to improve given the TLR concept (reshaping of 3rd line RLC units)