Supplier trade to rebrand

Discussion in 'RLC' started by The_Phantom, Dec 6, 2007.

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  1. I saw an email today from RHQ the RLC requesting suggestions for a new name to call the supplier trade. Apparently the recruiting stats have fallen to 25% of the required levels and one of the theories is that the trade name is bonk. Do any fellow Arrsers (Loggies or non Loggies) have any suggestions?

    Combat Logistician
    Logistic Specialist
    Combat Supplier

    - have all been suggested along with the normal Combat blanket stacker (thanks RAO's dept - pot, kettle, black etc), Stinking REMF and filthy HAT stacker b'stad.

    If we let a Civil Servant come up with the title he will get an MBE or a bonus for a crapp offering. Therefore we have to do much better and for no thanks at all - its the Army way.
  2. How about Supply Controller or Supply Specialist?
  3. Or Combat Supply & Control Logistic Specialist
  4. I thought Blanket Stackers had already been re-branded - Duvet Technicians.
  5. Unarmoured Supply Chain Route Runner!


    Supply Chain Specialist (includes every rank)
  6. how about wannabe drivers
  7. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    So is putting the term "Combat" in the title supposed to make it look sexy?

    Don't actually know what was wrong with Supply Specialist.

    How about "Combat" Supply Specialist.

    Combat would imply that some form of fighting was involved.. :twisted:
  8. No I dont think thats suitable, they dont wannabe drivers they are all drivers it part of the trade trg!!!

    Infact almost every trade is a driver!! But not every driver is a trade!
  9. I was in recruiting when the name changed and we saw a drastic fall in interest from the kids when Specialist and Controller were dropped. Looking to the future and the projects that are converging all three services supply systems into one, shouldn't we be looking at a tri service name like Force Logistic Specialist (Land) or Supply Chain Specialist (Land).
    With the future systems all three services at all lines of supply will be using the same IT and IS so a clear difference needs to be made about where the suppliers area of responsibilty will be.
  10. whatever... the usual trog drivel trying to big-up a fundamental life skill into a technical 80 yr old great-aunt can drive...the only difference between her and the illustrious 110ers is that they a very simple process into a (non) science.....

    Every unit in the British Army that has vehicles and drivers does what the 110 trade does every day as a secondary duty without even mentioning it!
  11. so it turns into a sla~~ing match, with out the supplier, your trucks wont go with out the tyres we supply. or all the other dfi items you special drivers out there o infact come to think about it you'll prob's find that us stackers have more driving quals than your drops op.... boar off troggs.
  12. RE have Resources Specialists
    Why not have Logistics Specialists for the RLC?
  13. Because that would indicate that they would be competent on all things logisitics, this is just not possible with the diversity of the RLC.

    In the great RLC tradition of using names as Acronyms (AMANDA, ASTRID, OSCAR etc) i suggest we call them DEBRA - Date Entry and Box Relocation Assistants.
  14. Good point, but "fundamental life skill" err? i'd like to add; my daughter is 6, she can count and use a computer but can't fecking drive yet! :D. i'm also impressed with the ease the spotty geeks in Argos deliver exaclty what i want, when i want it and where i want it! i think our suppliers, technicians, specialists or what ever they want to be called, could learn a thing or two from them.

    Back to the original thread, i did like, Combat (inside the wire only though) Supply Specialist.
    What about - Logistic Supply Controller or Specialist, what ever takes your fancy.


    Controllers Of Combat Kit and Supply,

    Only kidding, dont get all irrate, i know how tetchy you stackers can be!
  15. You're having a laugh aren't you. Not in my lifetime (which admittedly doesn't have the longest to run).