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I have just heard that the new supplier trade is to freeze at lower band for 3 years, for all trades under WO1.

I can see the reasons why to allow the new trade to develop ect ect.

But how can a merger of two trades facilitate a drop in pay, especially when both trades were on higher at WO2 level.

Get promoted to WO2 before April or it’s a near £20 pay drop for you.

Life’s not fair nor a circus
I heard the something quite different, that Supplier Sgt and SSgt were moving to higher band...

And to get promoted before April 1st is virtually impossible, as that's when the new promotion year starts for those who have been recently boarded.


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My understanding is that supplier is a new trade and everything defaults to lower band for three years, and is then reviewed.

If that is the case I can’t understand the following:

• It not a new trade is the merger of two (must be true the Director said so)
• If both trades were higher at WO2 then why the drop.
• Why WO1 remains at higher.

All this was said in discussion, and remains very firmly a rumour.

Can anyone shed some light on this matter? This whole thing is clouded in secrecy, or will be left until the last minute so no one can complain (I include the officer Corps ie. CO’s in this)


Its not like we can strike or anything only vote with our feet.

Be like the barber work and talk.

:?: Have the pay bands for Supplier been announced yet? There are loads of rumours but still no official line.


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shiny_arrse said:
:?: Have the pay bands for Supplier been announced yet? There are loads of rumours but still no official line.
lower less WO1 for 3 years, until review I heard again today(good sourse)
Why get higher band for stacking blankets?? :twisted:
In my opinion, short answer, yes it has for the SupCons.

Pre amalgamation SupCons used to get say 40 blokes/birds promoted...

Same rank - same board, SupSpecs would get perhaps 30...

(Actual figures may differ - but you get the idea)

Recent board results have seen the balance reversed, for the same number of vacancies available.

The issue as I see it is that a SupCon may score equal points on the board as his SupSpec counterpart, but when the merit list is compiled equal scores are sequenced/prioritised by Length of Service and Seniority. Now we all know that an equivalent rank SupCon is going to be sproggier than his Storeman counterpart, so the Storeman gets bumped up the merit list, therefore more are picking up. (in comparison).

Now I don't see this as a bad thing as 'generally' those that deserve to be promoted will get their rewards regardless of previous trade. But where the SupCons used to have a slightly easier climb to the top it's not quite as easy as it was. Great for those who've already made it but a bit of an eye opener for those less than half way up. Never mind eh...

With regard to the Hi/Lo band situation, some SupCon LCpls and Cpls will remain on higher band until they move up, but that was always going to be the case. Bit of a bummer for those who're stacking boxes next to a bloke stacking the same boxes for £8 a day more though.

Such is the complete bugger up that P2000 was.
I'm looking at retrading to Supplier after my AT transfer fell through. A couple of questions, if you don't mind....

1. Where in UK is does the training take place?
2. How long does trade training take, and how many courses are run in an average year?
3. Can you keep your fullscrew?
4. Has there been any concrete info on the pay scales debate?
5. Is it as sh1t as being a chef?

Cheers all,

For skintboymike:

1: Deepcut
2: About 6 weeks(ish) - but more courses required to get you to a good employable standard. Probably 4 or more courses per year with priority to Phase 2 scrotes over retreads.
3: Yes
4: No pay review for a few years...
5: Nowhere near as shit as being an egg op.

Ignore any blanket stacking jibes, it's only those that don't understand us that mock us. Overall I think it's a bloody half decent trade with oppurtunities to work in loads of locations with plenty of different capbadges. From A2 echelon right back to base support from the UK with all areas covered inbetween. As a Cpl there's plenty of jobs with aviation/ammo/engineers/artillery/CSUPS/F+L/SF and loads more. Plenty of room for civil qualifications and a chance of rapid completion of a BSc in Supply Chain Management once you reach SSgt if you're willing to put some extra hours in.

Get on the phone and ring some units, maybe take a day out to look at the day to day business.
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