Supplier of no.2 dress gone bump?

I know someone who's doing his basic training at Catterick, and he's been told that they won't have their no.2's in time for their passing out - as the company that makes them has gone out of business. There are some other lads who are due to pass out soon and they've been told that they'll be passing out in their combats.
Does anyone know anything more about this?

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I belive it's not the company that makes the FAD uniform but the company that makes the material.

Third hand information, so might not be 100%
It could also have been the storm in Bangladesh and the resultant flooding. Closed down several sweat shops for a while and there's a backlog for George at ASDA.


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They say this every year or so to cover up for some fat alcoholic store ******'s gash admin.

When I went through basic we didn't get issued our caps until the last week of training 'because the firm who makes them went bust.' As a result we spent a fair bit of time looking like utter cnuts while cutting about in 1s with berets.

Yet somehow within a few weeks of them 'going bust' the MOD found a new supplier and managed to get brand new caps in the correct sizes for all 130 of us in the entry.

My bet is that some 22 year fat sack who is about to go outside, just didn't bother placing the order and this gash excuse is being wheeled out (again) because it sounds better.
No 2 dress should have been a casualty of the defence cuts. I f****** hated wearing mine when I was in.
Our tailor told us the same as we got issued our FAD complete with clown trousers.

What he said was if you don't take what is in the unit now you will be waiting for about a year until a new supplier is found.

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