Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by adams08, Feb 7, 2008.

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  1. I know i'm most likely going to get the macho nobs saying things like supplements aren't needed rar dee dar [for the sake of belt_twit, this means people flaming it, i'm after advice not someone saying i should be made/able/man enough to do it without, bla bla]but does anyone know if things such as creatine are allowed during training? As far as i can see, there is no reason why not, as it simply prevents lactic acid build-up meaning you can train longer and harder, but you never know so i thought i'd ask.
  2. Way to make a non-hostile post... and you're so new too, bless. I was thinking of helping but you're clearly a bit of a know it all cnut so I'll let you make the mistakes yourself.
  3. Creatine used to cause me to get cramp so i stopped taking it.
    Think this is quite common so it may not be a good choice to take it whilst on basic
  4. Whose post is more hostile mate? I was just pointing out that on this site ya get a lot of morons who flame posts because they clearly have nothing--better--to--do, and i was just asking for those people to please not bother posting, as advice was all i was after.

    Thanks for the post, i already take creatine, and use the capsules or serum [depending a few factors] instead of the powder so i don't need to ufck about mixing the powder, do you know if it will be allowed? Like i said, i can't see why it wouldn't be, but advice is greatly appreciated.
  5. Water and army scoff is all you need
  6. Maybe so, but it will help with my running - does anyone know the answer to this??
  7. I see no reason why creatine wouldn't be allowed. You could get it from your diet alone, but you'd have to be eating 3+lbs of steak a day.

    I'd check though for a recruitment office or somewhere offical, but creatine has been so widely used and extensively researched (since like the 70's)

    Just make sure you drink loads and loads of water (to prevent cramping).
    You could always consider creatine ethyl ester (to prevent water bloat and the need to drink loads of water)
  8. Yes, Sandy knows the answer and he's just given it to you Trigger.
  9. Nice one mate, i'll do just that and speak to my recruitment officer. I take creatine serum at the min and haven't experienced cramping from that like i did from the capsules.
    Thanks for the post.
  10. I asked if it was allowed, not needed.
  11. Oh, I see! So what you're looking for is something that you'll be allowed to take with you but you wont actually need.
    How about a box full of sock puppets and a bronze bust of Lionel Blair.
  12. I supplement my diet with syrettes full of neat Nescafe, By injecting it straight under the toe nail or into the big vein on my forehead I can stay awake until past my bedtime and get up really early to watch GMTV

    I also once saw someone bleed as a result of being beaten with a sunday supplement, but sadly I can't remember whether it was from the News of the World or the Sunday People.
  13. I suggested you read up about the con that is creatine serum

    You know creatine turns to creatinine (a toxin. People with kidney failure have high levels of creatinine in their blood stream because the body isn't removing the toxin properly- they'll ask you about this during medical tests if you have high levels in your urine sample) when put into water. The process begins within the first 10 minutes. This is why they say don't mix it and leave it but to drink it immediately (admitedly you can leave it for a hour and 50% of it will still be good).

    Research it mate then bin what your using because its a waste on money (I didn't think they were still selling it to be honest)
  14. I have researched widely on many supplements, and bought creatine serum because of this. Like i have said above somewhere i think, i was previously using creatine capsules, then switched to the serum. I know that creatine turns into creatinine, a worthless by-product, when introduced to water, however this is a brand which has stabilised this, and has proven results written about in a journal or two, which is safe and works effectively.
    Trust me mate, when i research something, i do it properly, i wouldn't buy this if i didn't think it was worth it, and having used it, i definitely think it is.
    But thanks for the post nonetheless, it's good to know some people have knowledge on these things.

    EDIT- I believe other companies have now started to test the serum that i use and some have started producing it however my brand do (can't remember the brand name). And as for Ethyl Ester, (again, mentioned above somewhere i think) it's a waste of cash as it is the most expensive and is not cost effective compared to the others.
  15. LOL, the point about CEE has been brought to my attention THIS VERY DAY

    Funny how things work out. I guess I got swept up on the lack of water weight thing (needing to stay in a weight class).

    I know the only proven studies are with monohydrate so far.

    I'm going to look about the serum mechanism when I get a change now :D