Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by icemann, Dec 10, 2007.

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  1. prob had few threads on this just wondering i have good fitness and getting ready for basic wanna take my training to another level just wondering what some of you lads think about protein/carb supplements can they be taken without effecting drug test ie:altering certain levels of body chemicals.
    are they worth it let us know fellas
  2. Unless your training for the olympics or strong man, they are really a waste of money, just eat a good healthy and balaned diet, fruit, veg and drink plenty of water. Water is the key to wellbeing.

    However, if you do want to insist. Make sure that you use them as directed, take the correct portion and mixture. If you don't then you are just peeing it down the drain.

    Water, Water,Water
  3. drinking shit loads of water no probs there just wantd make sure wouldnt effect anything when drug tested like.suppose if i have any doubts might aswell stay clear
  4. If you are buying it from a high street health food store then you are probably pretty safe, If it's from some bloke in a gym, then steer clear.
  5. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    You must be a gym queen, give us a kiss.
  6. LOL. There is a HUGE HUGE difference between supplements and gear mate.

    icemann, you won't get anything illegal unless you go looking for it and you will know.

    FYI, steroids are legal in this country for a civilian, something people often overlook.

    As for supps, depends on your goals. A lot of people thing they can walk into Holland & Barrett and pick up "Protein Powder 5000" and get hench as f-ck in 3 weeks of bicep curls, diet coke and multivitamins (I know, I was the same once!).

    Gaining weight is an energy balance; cals in > cals out = weight gain and vice versa. If your diet is a crock of sh!t then smashing 300g of protein powder down your neck aimlessly is simply a waste of money.

    An appreciation of diet and how it affects your body and training is your first step, then see how applying supplements can help that.

    If somebody mentions steroids and protein shakes in the same sentence, they are a f-cking clown and should be ignored!
  7. Mate, you are going to basic - wtf do you need to take your training to another level for? If you hit the road and can knock of a good fitness time you are on the right track. Don't look to be superman as if you turn up way fitter than the rest you will not have time for much extra training.

    Hit the targets not the pills/shakes.

    good luck btw.
  8. I think he realises that, but as olympic sports persons are sometimes caught out by little things (eg after taking a lemsip max strength you can apparently fail urine tests because your body produces some kind of chemical that it normally has only in small supply) I think he is just trying to make sure the same wont happen to him, which is probably a good move - better safe than sorry.
  9. Supplements won't neccesarily help you improve your training. I made the mistake of Buying Protein shakes and guess what - they did nothing! All you need to do is eat a lot more, eat healthily, replace bodily fluids by drinking a LOT of water and increase your training regime in small increments.
  10. like i say fellas just asking your views and taken them all on board i dont really want the protein just carbs intake il take a look at the diet before i try anything cheers lads
  11. What do you mean they didn't work? What were you expecting? To turn green and burst through your shirt?

    See my point above about energy balance.
  12. Certainly not lol, I was simply saying that I wouldn't suggest supplements would take your fitenss "to another level" After my experience of using them for that purpose. That is all :)
  13. Fair enough, I see your point.
  14. In my experience, protein supplements - I used whey myself - can help specifically for aiding recovery times after weight training workouts, but only if you need the extra. The effect is noticeable but subtle, and even if you have a general body types and genetics best suited to putting on muscle, you won't see huge differences. Even those who take steroids have to work out hard to put on extra muscle.

    As said before, anything else is a little bit spurious if you have a healthy diet - and remember, anything you bought that your body doesn't need will be, quite literally, processed through your liver, kidneys and then p*ssed down the drain.