Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by i_am_will, Oct 7, 2012.

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  1. Hi,

    I know there are articles etc but i've struggled when reading them to get a definitive answer.

    Basically I am in OTC and we were warned the other day there would be random CDT checks for drugs. Now I don't smoke etc or do drugs, but I do go to the gym and take protein shakes/supplements.

    I was warned these may contain banned substances which could get me in trouble with the army and I looked on the WADA but could not see the substances I am taking. Does anyone know if 'reflex - one stop' and 'reflex - Instant Mass' are takeable respectively?

    Also, if they do contain 'illegal' ingredients, how long will it take for them to get out my system?

    This is a re-post as the last thread was closed down due to idiots commenting on it, please only post constructive comments rather than ''eat more'' etc.

  2. You did get some sensible posts before and a link to a sticky on diet with links.
  3. Oh for fucks sake, are you a retard? I though you were at University? Read the ingredients on the Reflex - it's whey protein, with nothing illegal in it. Does it have amphetamines? No. Opiates? No. Do some basic research yourself, it's what university is all about...
  4. No they contain nothing illegal and DO NOT take both the mass and one stop together. They both contain high amounts of protein and both contain your 100% of Vitamin C. Too much of something is just as bad as too little.

    Take the Reflex - one stop it contains creatine it will "help" with muscle repair. But be ware creatine promotes water retention in the muscle so after reaching your ideal size you can't stop taking it. You will drop the water retention fast.
  5. I'm sure lots of people commit suicide, doesn't mean I want to join them. If people are so keen on protein why aren't people promoting soya ?
  6. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    J.Anderson, or may I call you Jillian/Gillian ?
    I'm so glad you're in favour of supplementing protein intake as I consider it a very important part of my training regime too.
    Do you have a photo of yourself handy ? It's just should you pass selection I'd like you to take part in a 'blindfold test' of my supplement.
    I'll secure your blindfold then you just take my protein dispenser between your lips and manipulate it until you achieve the allotted dosage.
    Please send me your contact details & photo by PM.
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