Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by i_am_will, Oct 6, 2012.

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  1. Hi,

    I know there are articles etc but i've struggled when reading them to get an answer.

    Basically I am in OTC and we were warned the other day there would be random CTD checks for drugs. Now I don't smoke etc or do drugs, but I do go to the gym and take protein shakes/supplements.

    I was warned these may contain banned substances which could get me in trouble with the army and I looked on the WADA but could not see the substances I am taking. Does anyone know if 'reflex - one stop' and 'reflex - Instant Mass' are takeable respectively?

    Also, if they do contain 'illegal' ingredients, how long will it take for them to get out my system?

  2. check the ingredients of those supples you are taking. they have to be written down there (and no, nobody will do that for you).
    creatine, glutamine, bcaa are naturally occurring in food, so- as long as you do not overdose them (something really stupid to do)- they are ok.
  3. Eat more chicken.
  4. And fish
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  5. If it has something resembling, 'Not to be taken by professional athletes.' Things could be difficult.
  6. ok thanks, but what i'm trying to find out is how do i know what should and should not be taken by professional athletes?
  7. Eat food, that's what you need, supplement your diet with more food.
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  8. Just eat regular food chicken, fish, eggs and milk, look at the older fitness guys Steve Reeves etc, they never had all this suppliment stuff and they were probably bigger than you will ever be..

    Eat the right stuff and train hard, there is no easy way.

    everything thats good in life is a combination of dedication and hard work
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  9. 0.37 seconds and a not-too-difficult Google search later....

    Supplement risk for Performance athletes

    Is it a 'special' university you go to?
  10. Probably, he can't even spell CDT!
  11. Don't worry over the counter protein supplements DO NOT have PED'S or AAS in them at all. A lot of people use 'Bro Science' to scare you into thinking you'll be classed as a 'druggie' for taking decent supplements. As long as your not injecting Test, Deca, Trenbolone or swallowing Winstrol, Dbol, Anadrol on mass, which are class c drugs when it comes to supply, although not illegal to possess for personal use, you will be fine, apart from the latter giving your Liver a temporary kicking. WADA is for those professional competing athletes who are subject to rigorous competition testing, not HM Forces CDT. To test for ALL different metabolites from ALL Anabolic Steroids on Every Recruit would cost an unbelievable amount of money and time, money the MOD won't cough up. If you shove powder up your nose or smoke wacky backy or use other well known shite your screwed as testing for these is cheap, easy and effective. Stick to a decent diet and use your mainstream quality protein supplements and beware the those who use 'Bro Science'. Also for the record someone mentioned the legend Steve Reeves as an example, it is well known Reeves was one of the first 'bodybuliders' who used the new CIBA Dianabol (Dbol) in the 50's as it was not banned.
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  12. That's the problem with kids these days, they just want everything in a quick, convenient form. Chewing food is obviously going to eat into their Facebook and texting hours. What is the world coming to..tsk?
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  13. Are you sure about that?

    We come under the same standards as athletes! Try telling one of my soldiers who is in the final stages of discharge for using supplement advertised in 'Soldier' magazine!

    Our unit part one orders are hammering home the strict guide lines and a web page to use due to the above incident.

    I know 'Soldier' magazine isn't sponsored by the MOD and sells its advertisement to exists.

    The advice we were given was, "you take any supplement at your own risk," even if they appear on the 'cleared' list. Your body could react differently to the next person, spiking the CDT reading.
  14. Please for the benefit of all here POST UP the 'SUPPLEMENT' this Soldier bought from Soldier Magazine that has an alleged banned substance in it...I'd really like to see how The Army can discharge someone taking an EEC registered 'Health & Dietary Supplement' under which Paragraph of The Army Act 1955 or Queens Regs this alleged Supplement listed or the ingredients on any banned substance list?? I'd like to see any Soldier being 'discharged' for taking a legal OTC Supplement ONLY , as he'd be able to sue the MOD outright.

    Then you said 'The advice we were given was, "you take any supplement at your own risk," even if they appear on the 'cleared' list. Your body could react differently to the next person, spiking the CDT reading.[/QUOTE].

    This is a brilliant example of 'BRO SCIENCE'. Where is the scientific data backing this ridiculous following statement: " even if they appear on the 'cleared' list. Your body could react differently to the next person, spiking the CDT reading". ??

    Now my unit was tested TWICE in three months, at least 8-10 of the lads were on cycle taking the following different substances individually: M1-T, Superdrol, TEST/TREN, Anadrol. NO ONE failed the CDT's..why? Because it costs too much thats why and TEST doesn't spike CDT readings (Bro Science) it shows up in Urine Metabolites and you have to try to identify which compound has produced it ££££££££

    I would laugh in the face of someone if they came up to me and said i'd be in trouble for taking an OTC supplement and would have them over a barrel if they tried to discipline me lol.
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