you mean sport supplements like creatine, why protein and all that? or vitamins etc?


You wont need them. The army builds all recruits up at a pace that is managable for your body. If your on about protein / creatine etc. you won't get to use the gym out of normal daily routine and it will be a waste of money. You think that a 5 o'clock knock off means that? Oh no, that's when you work on your own kit, pop to the naafi and socialise, get ready for ex, get ready for the next day, block jobs... the list goes on.


the supp i use is called cissus,its an indian herb an its great to help prevent an to heal connective tissue,i used it two years ago when i had a bad bicep tendon an also when i injured my calve.not sure exactly how it works but i know it promotes collegen synthsis which tendons etc are made of,though it might be a good idea to help avoid injurys,i know lots of bodybuilders who swear by it

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