Supplements Bulgarian tribulus?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by clarky742, Feb 4, 2012.

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  1. Just a general query is Bulgarian tribulus (testosterone booster) illegal to use in the army. I start phase 2 on 19th feb artillery and wanna get back to a bigger build and would like to use some supplements any advice or general knowledge on this topic?
  2. Eat decent food and work hard you don't need drugs.
  3. I've heard Cialis beats food hands down.
  4. In our gym there is a poster up with a complete list of approved supplements rather than a list of banned supplements. Search for the supplement on Home | INFORMED-SPORT if it ain't on it you ain't allowed to take it!

    However, mankind has managed to survive for thousands of years without expensive shite - try, as Jarrod suggests, a balanced diet.
  5. You cant take these as they will show an unusual rise in testosterone witch will get ur ass the boot talk to someone there they will give advice on supplements that are ok to take whilst serving or do so like many service men do take the roids and the supplements and keep ur mouth shut aslong as you aint blown out like arnie in six weeks and leaving needles and tablets everywhere whos going to find out. you will get drug tested but for rec drugs , anabolic steriod test cost a hell of a lot of money so you wont be tested random only if they have reason to belive your on the juice wich they wont , because no one will no if you keep ur mouth shut .
  6. Steroid users tend to be easy to spot with their nasty tempers and acne.
    If you need steroids your balls are too small.
  7. ******* hell. Is that in crypto language?
  8. Don't anger him, the drug fuelled spotty ****** will go mental.
  9. you still ******* read it and took in enough to comment. And yes im trying to devise a new enigma style code that maybe one day can come in handy, i call it the illiterate chav-ma.

    And jarrod im not condoneing steriods in anyway but not every user gets the rage only idiots do and like what has been said before, If your under the age of 40 your testosterone levels will be high but obviousley the older you get the more the test levels die just eat well and train well then eat some more.
  10. You starting to get angry?
  11. Yes like a slightly less green hulk , but on a seriouse note i dont touch drugs only ever experimented with (Rohypnol) steriods are no good for cardio wich is no good when you have to run about a lot for a living,
  12. only because you havent asked to take me out for a drink and then re-bore my ring :meditate:
  13. You seem to know a bit about steroids. Hmm.
  14. You should have sent me a PM. In fact do it now. X
  15. well you have to know what they do. You cant just put any shite in ur body if ur going to do something research it find out if its good for you,Ive been body building for a while seen all the idiots that come in jump on the steriods then **** up there natural testosterone levels.

    Where they have been pumping so much shit in there bodys there natural levels never go back the same so they are basicall in a loosing battle, If you are going to use them use them in later life when the natural testosterone levels in ur body have depleated,Natural gains at a young age and eating with a good diet will do you more than fine , just work hard.