Supplement Suggestions

Discussion in 'Officers' started by flyingwinger, Aug 28, 2009.

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  1. Quick question, can you take supplements while at Sandhurst?

    Cheers in advance.
  2. The only supplements you get at Sandhurst are potatoes. Lots of potatoes.
  3. Dont take any of that shite. Lots of phys and a balanced diet is all you need.
  4. Traditional diet for RMAS is Mars Bars. Industrial quantities. And Port.
  5. Times Literary Supplement. I seem to recall that floating around the Company ante room....
  6. I knew guys there who were taking supplements. At the time I was a smoker who enjoyed a litre of coke and a pack of custard creams instead, and I got through. With hindsight and a new attitude towards phys I would say it couldn't hurt to have a protein shake (MyProtein whey protein isolate, or SiS Rego) after phys, and an energy drink (Maximuscle Viper, SiS Go, etc) before double-phys sessions or Sovereign's Banner events. Also some energy or protein bars on exercise would probably go down a treat, and if you're the kind of chap who has issues staying awake on stag then Thermobol or some other lunatic caffeine pill (Hydroxycut Hardcore sadly now withdrawn due to deaths...) would see you through.