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suplementing rations

Cooking in the field. How do the rest of you suplement the ration packs?

For me it's a tin of corned beef and sachets of brown sauce cut up and added to the main course to taste it up a little.

I know a couple of fellas bring curry powder or chillie
Have recently used Nando's Peri Peri sauce which you can get in a bottle small enough to fit in your webbing but large enough to last a couple of weeks. And damn is it hot.
Try the tubes of colman's mustard - can't break and fits away nicely, also dried mixed herbs - lamb hot pot with mustard and herbs - hmmmmm.

Not so good in the fruit dumplings however.
Tabasco, Baileys, Hickory BBQ sauce, Digestive biscuits crumbled up in the boil in the bags...

It's a bit easier supplementing rats when you've got a nice 70 tonne tank to transport your culinary delights :D
Amoy "straight to wok" noodles
Those little tins of Weight-watchers tuna in sauce
Fig rolls
Dried fruit
Any sauce/mustard sachets I can "liberate" from the motorway services
Pepperami "Its a bit of an animal!"
OXO cubes
Horlicks tablets

And if I dont have to carry it all on my back:-
Tins of rice pudding/macaroni cheese
OK lets stop being limp wristed about this.... If you want to spice up your food try Dave's insanity sauce! Good blended ones available but the original which comes in a chemical bottle with a proper chemical dropper to administer the correct amount of death is best! That stuff is so strong I'll bet it would eat through the armour on a warrior.
Daves Insanity Sauce is the GOD of hot sauces - I swear Rainbow Warrior was sunk because some pinko took a dump after putting some in his Lentil casserole!!
point conceded ...... i had some last friday ... it felt like i was being strangled by red hot barbed wire and gave me the hiccups for 48 hours

a couple of others i got from the states are called "dead on arrival"
and "endorphin rush" ....... scarey !!!
theloggie said:
Daves Insanity Sauce is the GOD of hot sauces - I swear Rainbow Warrior was sunk because some pinko took a dump after putting some in his Lentil casserole!!
Some git poured that into my mouth whilst i was sleeping in Iraq, not only in my mouth but on my water bottle, in my custard cream biscuits my mum had sent me and around the drinking tube of my camel back.

Pure evil.


Book Reviewer
If only out for a couple of days then Tilda pre cooked rice packet, Green Dragon thai green curry sauce and Cauldron Foods marinated Tofu.

Makes an excellent green curry and the tofu doesn't need refrigeration for 48 hours unlike chicken.

Great for upsetting everyone who is eating rat packs.
Tofu is the work of the Devil - Green Curry is the work of God.

Your Karma would remain in nuetral eating this dish......

But Tofu is still essentially evil.

Edited for scriptural purity


shortfuse said:
piri piri sauce is for homo's

you need encona west indian hot pepper sauce , that my friend will knock your b*llocks off !!!
dead on there, I had a Paddy technician working for me who used to spread it on bread and butter as a hangover cure (the red hot pepper sauce) and used the same technique with the chili and ginger sauce before going out on the pop to assist his thirst. Man he was sweating just spreading the stuff.
I see your insanity sauce and at that point have to fold. In comparison to DIS, peri peri does seem a little pink. I have not had that for ages. Anybody know where I can get my hands on it.

Anyone considered taking a batch of Jalepeno (sp?) peppers and adding them to the rations?
Tabasco, Chilli powder and some sliced Garlic in the summer to keep the mossy's away. A mate of mine used to eat Garlic raw,the back of his wagon stunk of the stuff for weeks, And the OC was never impressed when he used to rock up for 'o' groups.
OC " Fcukin hell Cpl ******* what have you been eating"
To add to the hot sauce info:

Try "Who Dares Burns", logo like the SAS Cap badge but with a chilli pepper instead of sword/dagger device. Similar to Dave's Insanity in heat and intensity and burns your skin if you get any on you... Don't get any in your eyes.

For the brave, get "Da Bomb". It costs about £25 for a smallish bottle (about the same size as a tabasco bottle) and is a whopping 1.5 million on the Scoville scale. At that strength, it is practically inedible and will do nasty things to your insides.

Tabasco Habanero is about 200,000 scoville, and I think Dave's Insanity is about 4-600,000 scoville.

I heard of a sauce available from the US called Blair's 2AM which came with a lead stopper and is potent enough to disable an elephant, but I have no confirmation of this. Enjoy!
Real men will take a couple of 'Scotch Bonnet' peppers into the field with them. Jalapenos are for girls and come from near septicland ('nuff said)

Scotch Bonnets (BRITISH West Indies), in milder form, are what power Encona. In pure, slightly dried form, they are absolutely deadly. I reccomend them, you can nortmally get them from any good asian or West Indian speciality store.

If you want something hotter than tabasco, and still edible, I commend Grace Hot Pepper sauce to you. If you are particularly brave, the Scotch Bonnet pepper sauce is the one of choice.


If the Missus is looking for something to do at home, she could do worse than setting up shop to sell these fine delights

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