Supervisory trades and their future

Here is a question for the more forward thinkers amongst you.

Do the supervisory trades within R Signals have a future beyond Clansman and Ptarmigan in their current guise. (ie YofS, FofS, Radio Sup,IS Sup)

Should there be an amalgamation between the likes of YofS/Rad Sup and FofS/IS Sup.

There you go may the slaughter commence :twisted:
We may loose the Techs if some in the Corps get their way and the Techs go off to sunnier parts with the REME.


I think RadSupr will either remain single or go to the Int Corps.

Maybe in the future! YofS and IS Supr. This I think depends on how techy the IS trade eventual get. I can foresee a split in their trade at some point in the future. If this happens I think that you could end up with a split in the IS Supr's. At that point the engineering side might be better off merged to the FofS (if they are still around).
I doubt very much we will lose the R Sigs Tech and there is even less chance of changing the FofS, the responsabilities of a FofS are just too wide reaching.

Despite changes to delivery of CIS and the new capabilities it will give us, its managment and installation I think will remain pretty much the same.

I see little changes to the YofS and FofS and would expect to see them as mainstay supervisory trades.

Rad Supvr and the newish IS Supvr (which had been pretty much a secondary role for FofS in the past) are a little more specialist, having a specific role within how a unit operates. These could potentially change and be absorbed, that would be a little negative after all the work that has taken place to establish such roles, which afterall were created for a reason.

If it comes down to money and manpower though HatsRUs could have a point, just how many hats can a Supvr FofS or YofS wear?

The Operator/Installer issue is still alive, the move to BOWMAN and its subsystems could see this come into fruition.

Time will tell.
mmm...sounds like a topic for the current IS Supes course.

Move the FofS to the REME, move the Supvr R to Int Corps, move the Supvr IS to Cisco 8O er...let the YofS crack on and act as a super RLD in all regts. (i'm only joking by the way so don't flame me!)

Well, the YofS is multi-talented anyway. If anyone here has encountered Cormorant, then you'll know that the YofS has been relegated to programming the phones, whilst troubleshooting the extremely badly designed software!! And I'm NOT joking this time.

Bump...and what's currently playing out? The latest FofS course cancelled, no accreditation for anyone, not enough Techs, too many Operators, can't get them in, can't get them to stay in, who'd have thunk it?

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