Supervisory Titles

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by optio, Jan 18, 2008.

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  1. Ok, gents, time for a thrashing...

    With the new Supervisory trades of Foreman (IS) and Yeoman (EW), the question is...

    If a Foreman of Signals is called 'FOS', and a Yeoman of Signals is called 'YOS', then is a Foreman of Signal (IS) called 'FIS' and a Yeoman of Signals (EW) called 'YEW'?

    (Yes, I know it's officially FofS & YofS. I 'm talking about "I'm off to see the FOS" sort of thing).

    Also, do FIS's and YEW's (lovin it!) get to be mafiosi?

  2. How about we discuss your ability to be totally unoriginal and unable to search the Sigs forum.
  3. Just wanted to know what the current feeling was. No need to be a n0b about it.
  4. And you were soooooooooooooo fcuking interested in what people thought you waited from 18 Jan 08 to come back and comment yourself - who's the n0b now than!