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Supervisory Titles

Ok, gents, time for a thrashing...

With the new Supervisory trades of Foreman (IS) and Yeoman (EW), the question is...

If a Foreman of Signals is called 'FOS', and a Yeoman of Signals is called 'YOS', then is a Foreman of Signal (IS) called 'FIS' and a Yeoman of Signals (EW) called 'YEW'?

(Yes, I know it's officially FofS & YofS. I 'm talking about "I'm off to see the FOS" sort of thing).

Also, do FIS's and YEW's (lovin it!) get to be mafiosi?

optio said:
Just wanted to know what the current feeling was. No need to be a n0b about it.
And you were soooooooooooooo fcuking interested in what people thought you waited from 18 Jan 08 to come back and comment yourself - who's the n0b now than!

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