Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by squigeypie, Nov 27, 2010.

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  1. With another bumper TA pay packet expected this year, this is again going to put me over the threashold. As it did the previous year. Am I pushing my look by keeping schtum again, figuring Ive two different tax codes in two different tax offices. I cant see this happening again next year with GCM kicking in( if it would be a guaranteed income indefintly I would indulge it) so Im I wise in not saying owt or should I mention it to the taxman.
  2. SP, the new tax computer that threw a wobbly earlier this year (making jobs that people hadn't been in for years a second current one, for instance) is designed to match people and concurrent jobs... and they probably will get it right eventually!

    Is your TA tax code BR (or D0)? If not, you'll probably be underpaying tax even if the combined total is under the threshold for higher rate.

    Gamble on red or black!

    If you decide to 'fess up, you can take measures to minimise the higher rate hit - e.g. donations to charity, or pay into a SIPP (that got me dosh back from the Revenue).

    Hope that helps!
  3. Fill in a tax return (you can do this online if you wish, or you can download the forms, print them off, and fill in by hand). This might avoid you having to have a conversation with the tax office, and being asked awkward questions which you might feel inclined to be less than truthful in responding to.
  4. Or maybe pay what is due. Surely by hiding part of your tax liability you are committing theft? If everyone paid the tax they should I'm sure the nation wouldn't be in quite as dire straights as it is.
  5. Legs, like most people on here I do enough, its a BR code, I might sit it out another year fingers crossed, its not that much i'd owe its worth the gamble
  6. Quote "If everyone paid the tax they should I'm sure the nation wouldn't be in quite as dire straights as it is."

    Yes it would they would still make a cxxk up of it. I told the TAX man and it cost me £1500 in one year alone, I have learn they may or may not catch you it is the luck of the draw. I think if I had said nothing I wold have got away with it , but who knows. By the way if you are the 40% you should notbe paying NI on your TA money. By the way be assured they do check these type of sites
  7. Do "they" have a facility for findout who we are?

  8. msr

    msr LE

    msr's top tip for Sunday: F**k about with whatever organisation you like, but not the HMRC. If they find a discrepancy they will go back through your accounts for up to seven years and it will cost you a lot more in accountant's fees than you are going to save.

    P.S. And I won't even mention mention integrity.
  9. You could rely on the data protection act preventing logical communication between government departments .... but I'm not gonna risk it...
    Just have to get used TA actual pay being around £60 per day vrs Civvie one a lot higher... I'll go for the government ICS one
  10. Integrity whats that
  11. It's where the COC knows what's going on so they can brief you before you read about it in the paper over your cornflakes in the mess
  12. Try to hide it, get caught and you'll be taken to the cleaners. If you mean you'll be paying 50% Income Tax, you need to speak to a decnt IFA ( cough, splutter, blush ) who can legally engineer your income to below 150k.
  13. That's a top tip for every day of the week and twice on Sunday if you ask me.

  14. Just back from Afghan and a letter from the tax man saying I owe £1300 from last year.

    On checking the army has not took enough tax off, so I'm going to have it taken off next year.