supertasters - freak or unique

over time and as i've got older i've realised that some foods have been a no go. At first i thought it was due to me needing to man up and just get on with it. As a child cheese was a no go and anything spicier than a korma was out of the question. As an adult i could only just bare the taste of beer but usually just cracked on with it and sunk about 5 pints before i had to move onto spirits, i could usually delay this by having a lager top (cue incoming for being a shandy supping poof). this is not all bad though as now i cant stand anything with salt in and processed things with too much sugar / salt are out of order. There are of course loads of other things that as an adult i no longer like cucmber, olives etc.

Has anyone else experienced this or am i indeed a weirdo?

if anyone else has it what foods do they avoid / love? what does it do too you? for me it makes my tongue / inner mouth go numb, my head itches like mad and i feel abit off if there is too much of a banned (in my world) substance in there, salt for eg.

The point of this thread is to help me sort out some of my finer dietary needs as i eat pretty healthy, just looking to improove my bland diet.

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