Superstars - Shite or Alright?

Superstars - Shite or Alright?

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  • Thankfully Sharon Davies made it less shite

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  • It was good, no, on second thoughts it was shite

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  • I'm stupid and liked it even thought it was really shite

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Superstars was on Chanel 5 last night, a program I had been looking forward to because it was excellent first time round.

However, this time round it was pure drivel IMHO. All the usual faces were wheeled out. Redgrave, Black, Holmes and One Other (I can't remember) as team captains and a dozen or so sporting rent-a-has-beens. The only upside at this point was no Akabusi who made such an arrse of himself years ago but is being caught up by Roger Black as the most cringeworthy and annoying sporting 'hero' on TV. Black is like Melinda Messenger, an excited little puppy who would smile at a pile of shite if it smiled back. Oh, and Sharon Davis is as shaggable as ever.

Anyway, after an hour all we saw was a bit of indoor rock climbing (yawn), a few dips (put the kettle on) and a solitary dive from a 5m board (wake me when it's finished love). That was your lot. And for some reason the spontaneous rivalry of yesteryear has been replaced with a slow, drawn out team effort that is to no doubt run for weeks and a qualification/knockout thing that is more complicated that an Airfix kit.

Still ten times better than Beat the Star though. I would include a poll but I couldn't possible include a 'It was good' option because it just bloody well wasn't.

What did you think?
Psst cleverhead. Why not do a poll?
The_Snail said:
Psst cleverhead. Why not do a poll?
Young lady, did you or did you not read my thread carefully, hmmm? A poll on whether or not you did read or did not read my thread carefully or thoroughly might be more apt right now, hmmm?

OK, how do I get a poll up for the Superstars thing then?
OK, I guess no one saw it then. Well you'll be glued to it this Friday now you know Sharon Davies co hosts it and be queing up to vote won't you you cnuts?
It was shiite and I didnt even watch it


oooo - Sharron Davies. That takes me back to my youth....


Sharon Davies, Sam Fox, Felicity Kendall, Jan Leeming, Pamela Stevenson ane me. 'Never in the field of human wanking hase one person wanked for so long to so few'.
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