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Today was rent payday, and my landlord emailed me yesterday to say he'd be round about 2.00 pm . When he hadn't arrived by 4.30, thus ruining the potential of an afternoon's razzle down the centre, I decided to give him a bell. Oh, sorry mate, I'll be around in an hour or so. Well, I'll just leave the money on the kitchen table then. Okey dokey. When I got home later imagine my surprise and joy, near orgasmic, that the man had finally repaired the lighting in the bedroom, which has been non-functional for 7 months. I think that is probably my Xmas present! I've never quite understood the high cost of rental property, considering that in some ways you are doing the owner a favour by keeping the place lived-in and not delapidated. I have yet to meet a top class landlord ( outside of pubs, of course)....maybe someone has, although horror stories would be much more instructive!
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Buy your own, rent out rooms etc to help pay mortgage.
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I do like the notion that you're doing the landlord a favour by gracing his property with your presence. :roll:
The rest of your digs must be ace if you're willing to put up with non functioning basic amenities for so long and still pay rent, or is it that you're too chuffing idle to get off your tufty and look for somewhere better?
To be honest, the guy gives me a fair deal, by Prague standards and prices, and as far as the bedroom lighting goes, hasn't bothered me that much as I always prefer to sleep in the dark. 7 months is pretty good compared to the housing association in Slovakia who took 7 years from inspection to repair to sort some structural problems on the balcony. As a matter of fact, I get off my "chuff" far faster than any of the locals when anything cocks up. The 7 year "delay" was purely because it was the ex's flat and she wouldn't let me interfere ( read"make things happen").
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Hasn't Prague got some mental pro-tenant laws based on anti-rentier class sentiment from communist times? Isn't there a dwarf with a clipboard who can fix your rent at two pen tops and a thimble of ji*z once a quarter?

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