SUPERSIZE ME!! Big Mac getting bigger........

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by spike7451, Apr 30, 2006.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Now I dont eat M.D's,B.K or the like.I dont like them.If I want a burger I make it myself from scratch,I do,like many, have the odd Indian Take out or Kebeb but If when working & I want 'fast food',I go to Subway.
    McDonalds have announced that for a limited period during the World Cup,they are introducing the Bigger Big Mac.--

    So does that mean the eaters will be Fatter Fat Gits?

    Seriously tho,In this day when fast food is not the luxury it was when I was a child (Wimpy bars back then! :oops: ) & there's a outlet for whatever on nearly every street,It's encouraging fans to eat more unhealthily.Indeed,'McDonald's has tried offering some healthier eating options in Britain, but has decided that options such as its "toasted deli sandwich" were not a success.'

    The Government constantly pumps out messages about obesity & other health issues but is doing nothing to reduce the problem.Is'nt it about time they actually did something?
  2. Seems you are not the only one to work out that Subway are better value and nicer;

    I'm sure we will see Subway horror stories start emerging soon, they do seem to be proliferating at the moment. I must say that I will always go for to subway if I need quick food when I'm out, and there is something reassuring about watching the guy make it wearing gloves in front of you. I suppose they gob and giz in the containers first thing round the back before opening time :)
  3. I'm a skinny young chap anyway.. So I eat where ever the time takes me really.

    I did hear something once about "Fat tax" on food for people who are either over weight or just really "Fat",
    anyway I was thinking if they brought something like "Fat tax" out does that mean because I am a skinny limb.. I get cheaper food?

    *It's all about equal opportunities ain't it!
  4. Well I do eat burgers (and chips, kebabs, curries, bratties, gyros and anything else capable of limiting your life expectancy), so I'm chuffed to f*ck.

    Now stop your whining you f*cking health freak.
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    ME! Health freak!! My role model's CHUBBY BROWN!!!! Dinner last night was a Chicken Tika Chili Mosalla,Mushroom rice,pup's & pap's & a few Guiness's to wash it down!! Breakfast a Bacon double egg banjo! :D I'm now slobbed out in front of the TV watching the Saprano's!
  6. Good Man!! when did you say this McDonalds offer is on?
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    :lol: Starts,according to the news piece,around the start of the world cup. :wink: :D
  8. Cracking!, Get it down you......quick time!!
  9. ..............I'll have fries with that mate.
  10. Didn't they do a 'Mega Mac' a while ago - (4 burgers in a Big Mac style bun)? That and the 1/2 Pounder (2 x Qtr Pounders together) - so this is really nothing new is it?
  11. Subway have the worst of all conditons for franchise owners/employees according to fast food nation .Food better than other fast food joints though .Sometimes you just need junk food as long as you keep it as a treat imho you will keep your feet in sight .