I think it's shameful that the UK looks like missing another opportunity to be a world first. We've got the talent to put together the first supergroup, like the Travelling Tangleberries, made up entirely of musicians convicted of noncy things and dodgy sex acts. My initial lineup has Mr Paul Gadd on vocals, Mr. Jonathan King on keyboards and Mr. Pete Townsend on guitar. Any suggestions to fill it out a bit ( perhaps to full orchestral size!), oh, and a name would be good too !!!!
How the hell did you miss Gary "up the shi77er" Glitter and Michael Jackson as vocal artistes???

I'm rather outraged by this omission! 8O
Derek Longmuir, ex Bay City Rollers sentanced to 300 hours for child pornography, alledgedly, that's your drummer sorted out,.
I could give you seven names.

However due to our libel laws,I will wait until Boots have processed the 35mm film.
Once I have the proof for you I will let you know.
Can Chris Langham sing?

He must have sung a bit in "Not the Nine O'clock News"?

He'd give anything a go ....... to try to revive his career?

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