Supernanny?? more like slap-a-brat!

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by spike7451, Apr 29, 2006.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    (MOD's,sorry,could'nt think of anywhere to post this apart from here or the bin!)
    Just watched that dross on C-4. The little brat in question throws a wobbler,kicks his mom & dad & tells them to "funk off" & gets put in a 'cool down' area for 5 minutes! He's only 4 & he's kicking & swearing at his parents.The parents are clearly fighting a losing battle & you can see the parent's at the end of their tether.In my day,My Dad took his belt to me if I done that. This 'Esther Rantsen' cant slap the brat is getting too much,especially with what the little darlings get away with.
    Getting rid of the cane ect is possibly the main cause of the yob culture.So,What do you reckon? Bring back the cane? Or do the 'softly-softly' methods work with unruly kids?
  2. Softy-softy doesn't work, it's just hte hippy-hippies who can't accept that. How about instead of ASBOs offenders are birched in public, that'll sort 'em out.

  3. I second that, a bit punishment like this will do more then the softy approach! I think bullies should be ridiculed in public too, same as thieves..Give them a nice giant pink sign with their crimes listed and tie the ******* hands behind there backs..That and you'll have to turn the CCTV off for people to have a proper laugh!

    *Also fcuking pedo's should be shot! [sorry for the language, but it's true!]
  4. If a child has been warned but intentionally continues to do something they know is not acceptable then I don't believe there is anything wrong with a smacking punishment within reason, obviously as long as the fine line between discipline and abuse is observed at all times. Discussing the merits of a child's actions with them when they are out of control achieves little. There was a thread I contributed to a while ago which touched on the subject of parents taking responsibility for disciplining their children instead of placing any blame for their children's behaviour in the direction of the education system etc. It's frustrating to see scum chav children running riot with their parents seemingly oblivious or incapable of their moral responsibilities in guiding their children in basic human decency, integrity, manners and common sense. Probably because the parents lack these principles too.
  5. I was going to mention that myself, but I started ranting about all the other criminals that should be flogged! :)
  6. I totally agree that the leftie tree-hugging method doesn't work. I found that pressing a hot iron against their face or sawing their nipples off kept my kids in line...........................or it could have been the fact they were nailed to their beds.
  7. tree hugging first, give 'em a chance, the warning shot so to speak. If hostilities continue, take the slipper/belt/boot off and wallop them on the arrse and send 'em upstairs with no dinner, and then sigh when the missus takes them a sandwhich a choccy bar and a packet of walkers

    If they are still a little shite, ration them, all sweets locked away in your office/cellar/garage/shed, computer completely locked down let them watch 1 hour of TV after their homework, if they dont finish their homework by 1630, no TV, give them a book to read. See how long it takes for them to crack, record so far is 24 hours
  8. The best punishment for my son (now 12) used to be the short sharp shock. ie thick ear, slap on the backside etc. Now I find that the best is 'Grounding' However in my house grounding means the following -

    1. Loss of PlayStation rights.
    2. Loss of computer rights (except when essential for homework).
    3. Loss of TV rights.
    4. Loss of pocket money for the period of the sentance.
    5. Bed time revised to either 1/2 hour or 1 hour forward for the duration of the sentance, depending on the severity of the crime.
    6. And of course no going out to play, and no friends in to play with him.

    This works! The period of the punishment is dependent on the severity of the crime. The threat of the punishment is always a good warning to behave.
  9. We had a case of bullying at a school I taught at for a short time. One of the senior teachers, a retired WFR Maj, took both kids, the bullied and bully, into the gym, set up a ring of sorts, put gloves on both of them and set them off. As is often the way, the kid who was being bullied belted hell out of the the bigger lad; the bully saw the error of his ways and repented thereafter. Problem sorted.

    Looking at the out of control behaviour bit. We had this with one of the Trackpads about 15 yrs ago: he could be right little sod on his weekend visits. I noticed he was drinking gallons of that gopping boxed orange juice and vaguely remembered reading somewhere that one of the E-numbers in said juice could cause some kids to go off the rails. Thought it was worth a try, so banned the foul stuff from the house when he next came to stay - "water or milk, that's all you're getting".

    I was VERY surprised: within half a day he was as good as gold. We kept this up for a couple of months then, as a control, I gave him a glass of orange on his next visit: within about five mins he was revved up and screaming round the walls just below the curtain rails. We bunged a glass of milk into him and he calmed down almost immediately. Result!

    BTW, application of screech did not result in the same effects - so it's not as bad as is made out! LOL

    If the above isn't the cause, yes, bring back the cane - as long as the line between chastisement and outright sadism is not crossed. I suspect many Arssers have been at the receiving end of the 'whistle and crack' - stings like hell, but it's over pretty quickly - the short, sharp shock. For those who have suffered it, it was often where you learned a valuable lesson in life and military discipline: learn from your mistakes.
  10. ASBO's??? an asbo should not only be an electronic tag that locates the scrote, but should also be a publicly visible and physical inhibiting device,
    either a ball and chain attached to the leg, or a collar of plastic coated chain around the neck, at least 30mm think, in bright yellow. a 'stock'
    scrotes fitted with the devices should automatically be under a dusk till dawn curfew and be banned from all pubs/clubs, local shops and high streets.
  11. I have watched a few of these Supernanny prgrammes with my terrible teen over the past few weeks, her comment was 'how did they get away with that, you would have killed me?', it does make me wonder watching them that alot of the parents involved don't seem to know how to set boundaries for their children. I have never sworn at my daughter, and the rule now is if i don't use that language with her then she does not have the right to use it at me, this works, and now she is older if i slip up and curse at the computer or anything she reminds me about my language. Mind you a great one is refusing to allow her online if she misbehaves.
  12. My Girls are generally very well behaved but I think its a matter of choice, as in the kid/kids will choose to be twts, how many of you know of the kid at school who has everything (including loving caring parents) who is still a shite? Its easy to blame the parents and to some extent I agree however, my 11 year old can quote ver batem the number for childline, why?, because her school taught her to, along with the top bit of advise, if your parents do "Anything" to upset you then ring this number??? my 11 year old gets upset when I tell her to go to bed at 10pm (on school holidays) is this to be considered abuse?? balls! I have told her to ring them whenever she likes and that I hope she enjoys life with her foster parents if she ever does. But some parents would be worried about this and temper their punishments accordingly. I think there your kids so you should be aloud to beat the shite out of them, with sticks. that'll learn em.

    "I have told her to ring them whenever she likes and that I hope she enjoys life with her foster parents if she ever does."
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I remember a few years ago,we were all around my sister in laws & her daughter was acting up.The daughter turns to her mom & says'"You cant hit me! I'll call that woman off the telly!"(Esther Rantzen) or something alog those lines.
    So Sis-in-law clouts her around the lughole & hands her the phone.She behaved after that.
    But do you think that as we're/from a Military background,the discipline we have in our daily lives has a knock on effect to the children.when a parent has to go away the children are sort of assuming the role of the absent parent & often take on more responsibilites.I also rekon that they grow up quicker & when & if they join up,they see & do more by the time they are in their early 20's than a older civvie.
  15. My son is very well behaved however I might call so i can have JO JO round my house all week telling me I am a bad boy