Supermarkets to run GP services...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DontMentionTheWar, Mar 19, 2007.

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  1. So the checkout girl may ask you to cough now !!
  2. Hey, you can pay for your bypass with coupons and payback points!

    Buy any six cartons of Prune Juice and get the enema free.
  3. Would you get your prostate check done at ASDA?
  4. Will they offer b.o.g.o.f.f's as well?
  5. This 'genius' idea just following last week's fiasco with junior doctor training with 8000 about to be unemployed.

    Maybe there is a link?

    I think I will get that lump looked at whilst getting my fresh tin foil.
  6. Start off stacking shelves and work your way up to open-heart surgery?
  7. A GP in boots, sounds a bit Waltish to me.
  8. Could be a general Puss in Boots, n'est pas?

    (OK, I'll get my coat).

    And as for the MMC/MTAS fiasco ... f**k. Words fail me. Just glad I don't work in the NHS.
  9. Will there be a 10 ailments or less aisle?

    Oi, DMTW, that coat is my jacket!!!
  10. And people hanging about the fresh meat counter.

    Waiting for a donor.
  11. I wouldn't mind betting that some of the big supermarkets would do a better job of running the NHS than the hapless, gormless bunch of wallies directing it from Whitehall.

    Caveat though: NOT Sainbury's, we've had enough of that family in politics.

    Good idea I reckon, Tesco and M&S would do much better than Patricia (Labour's Virginia Bottomley) Hewitt.
  12. Can you still exchange goods or do you get a hip replacement?
  13. Isquared - I completely agree, what we really need is large profit making organisations making as many cuts as they can and paying the staff peanuts. (Not too dissimilar from the DoH I grant you, but at least the DoH is not doing it deliberately)

    As long as we ignore all the confidentiality issues with patient/ consumer interfaces, how the data is stored.... and concentrate on opening times it is a sure fire winner.
  14. Bloody Hewitt. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.