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Supermarket Ninja


Book Reviewer
It's that kind of scabrous reporting that's likely to have the site shut down.

Was it in Tesco - No
Was the child touched inappropriately with nunchucks - No
Has the perpetrator been identified as wearing a sand coloured beret from Silvermans - No
Has the alleged trolley mong said 'aisle be back' - No

You should be ashamed of yourself.
Knew it wasn't our resident walt there was no mention that the child in question had died due to boredom or had learnt new words such as mans best freind or untermench off the fucking weird cunt. To be fair I dont think he's a toucher of childern as I think he needs a carer present when he's allowed into the outside world when he's not wanking furiously to threads on ARRSE and police equivalent sites.
Fair play to the perp, if you ask me. They're just opportunists spying their chance while the scabby Asda shopping chav parent fuckwits are elsewhere completely oblivious that they little angel is being touched up whilst he's on the rob.

Lock those fuckers up, that's what I say.


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