Supermarket jobsworths

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bowser-Mong, Jan 25, 2007.

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  1. An 80 year old man who served in the Royal Artillery in WWII was asked by a girl to proof that he was over 18 when he wished to purchase a bottle of sherry (Daily Mail - Sorry no link). This happened in Yosk and the person concerned has served as the Lord Mayor of York. The supermarket concerned said it had a non discrinatory policy and was bound by the law to ask for proof of age where necessary! The same thing happened to a lady who is 80 at the same store.
  2. Sounds like a case of form over function yet again.

    Common sense appears to be in short supply nowadays :pissedoff:

  3. I think Morrisons management believe all their staff are retards, (some are) i was in there the other day and tried to pay with a Scottish tenner at the checkout.

    The girl had to call a supervisor to check if it was alright to pay with the "Scottish foreign money".
  4. Many thanks
  5. I am disturbed by the sudden drop in standards in these supermarkets. They used to have a policy of employing graduates and then leaving them to make the decisions on a case-by-case common sense basis.

    With the ever tightening margins and greater competition, I fear they might be losing their way and in so doing, employ the generally unemployable. Net result being that they can't think for themselves and have to be told how to wipe their arrses.

    See, even a mildly employable person would think to themselves 'Well, he's a 100 years old if he's a day; I know the company policy, but if I just ask the question in my head and pretend he answered in the affirmative for drinking age, a: I wouldn't look like such a tw@t, B: he would not think I was a brainless tw@t and c: I have still done my job to the letter-ish'.

    It's the same with civil servant y'know. Bl00dy brain-dead jobsworths; and politicians!
  6. i can only wonder what the stupid prat would have done if the old chap had said he was under 18, some people never cease to amaze me
  7. Management material! :salut:
  8. This is Britain where the letter of the law 'trumps' common sense.

    However, I think you will find, when you get beyond the hyperbole that what actually happens in many retail outlets where, for example you pay by plastic they will ask you for your postcode. They will also use other excuses to elicit information and this is one of them. Both an address and, for whatever reason, a date of birth are commercially marketable commodities which are sold on at a profit by retailers and others to that the recipient may be 'targeted' by commercial organisations.

    The checkout girl will have been told, in no uncertain terms that with each sale, they are to obtain the address and date of birth of the customer. This will later be collected, back-loaded and 'sold' in blocks for anything up to £75 for each name.

    The 'proof of age' question is simply one device among many.

    You also get this sort of question when dealing over the internet or by phone under the guise of a 'security check'

    If you think this is bad, wait until the introduction of identity cards where in order to make a purchase, each card, by law, has to be presented and 'swiped' and that sort of information is retained and passed on automatically. The same thing will happen when you visit a chemist (sold on to Pharmaceutical companies) an off-licence (passed on at a profit to insurance companies for the information of actuaries) and bodies such as your GP and the department of health)

    Never give such information when shopping unless, of course, as I do, you open negotiations as to the price they are willing to pay for it. This usually draws a bemused stare.

  9. To be fair to her, when i worked in retail many moons ago, i wasn't allowed to take Scottish notes myself!
    I was instructed to direct customers holding "funny looking bits of paper" over the road to the money exchange-building.

    Always thought there was some sort of comission-kickback between the two managers, somehow.

  10. AAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH. This is my absolute pet hate. Completely illegal. Everytime I go down souf I make sure I have plently of "foreign currency" on me. It's become a game.
  11. Load of rubbish.

    Not a morrison policy at all.

    Ken morrison retired before xmas.
  12. Jockistani money is legal tender as is 'Norn Iron' money.

    As for the OAP being asked for proof of fucking retarded was the person who asked the question???
  13. Funny thing that, I was in BAOR in the late 80's, due to go on leave. I go down to the local Sparky to draw out some British currency for my jolly home and, to my amazement, the girl behind the counter offers me Scottish notes at 3 DM 30 Pf to the £ as opposed to the 3 DM to the £ on English notes! As you can imagine, I cut her hand off for them.
  14. Have to agree - load of tosh. I just cannot believe some one would be unsure if this man's over 18.

    I heard it a different way on the radio this morning. Man in supermarket goes to cashier with item, she scans it and the question come up for her on the till display for her to ask, she chuckles and asks, he chuckles and answers, both chuckle, off he tots with item, end of.