Superman II

So a while ago Aemon was on holiday in New York and decided that it would be a fine thing to do to go to the viewing gallery at the top of the Trade Towers. As it was he had brought the weather of the Emerald Isle with him, there was thick fog and nobody else up there but a couple of blokes having a crafty tab near the parapet. Being a sociable type, Aemon wanders over to them, and to pass the time of day comments on the dirty weather.
"Whaddya mean - bad weather?" retorts one of the blokes " This is New York fog, it's so strong you can walk on it!"
" Now look there," comes back Aemon " I may be from Ireland, but I'm not daft. You can't walk on fog now"
" Ya wanna bet?" says the chap, hoists himself over the parapet, walks about 20 yards out and comes back.
Aemon is astounded " Bejeysus!" he says " I don't believe that happened!"
"Doncha?" says the bloke and promptly swings his legs over and does it again. When he gets back he says to Aemon " It's easy, dude, why don't you give it a try?", so our intrepid Irishman hoists himself over, takes a step and promptly disappears into the murk.
The other bloke, who until now has been silent, turns to the fogwalker and says. "You know, you can be a real cnut sometimes Superman."
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