Superman 4Real Wheaton

That's what Pat and Sheena Wheaton want to name their latest bundle of joy...For some reason the New Zealand government is balking at filing the paperwork to register the tot.

anyone care to bet the lad gets named Soupy in day care, is ragged and beaten on a regular basis through kindergarten and mom and dad are forking out for therapy before the kid learns to drive? [ assuming he hasn't knifed them in their sleep before his 15th birthday..]

and I thought Gywneth Paltrow calling her foetus " Apple " was abnormal...
there was on in the paper the other day ( same area I think) they wanted to call thir bundle of joy 4sure

" because when we saw it we realised it was 4sure a baby"

Because you are not allowed to use numbers in names the registrar did offer them the names for-sure or four-sure, but apparantly that didn't have the same ring to it

really makes you wonder
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