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Darth D posted this link a few days ago. Still makes me ill thinking about it.
having looked at the previous posts, i think ill give it a miss :D (so what is it, either a fat munter naked or a zombie with scary noises jumping out at you, ill have mem oney on first option). :lol:
spike7451 said:
eddie937 said:
f***ing hell
it reminds of a film about NI
Surely you dont mean...THAT film about NI?
MRS. SHERIDAN: Oh it was brilliant!
MRS. GLYNN: Oh but there's this great bit in it, you see there was this girl but then you find out it's not a girl but a man!
MRS. SHERIDAN: And he got his lad out.
TED: He got his what?
MRS. GLYNN: He got his lad out although you only see it for a second but you get the message.
MRS. SHERIDAN: I didn't know what it was at first it's been so long since I've seen one.
MRS. GLYNN: I thought it looked rather like your Billy's.
MRS. SHERIDAN: Not at all. Billy's is rounder at the top. Cheerio Fathers.

Father Ted - The Passion of Saint Tibulus
She'd still get it.... :lol:
i really should have read the rest of the posts before that.
Nearly got to the vinegar strokes aswell. bugger.
Im going to scrub myself with a yard broom whilst listening to the crying game now :)

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