Superintending Clerk vs Superintendent Clerk

probably due to the fact that ones means to be in control of, the other is an overseer?, do the superintending clerk would be in charge of the whole brigade where as the superintendent clrk would be more of a oversees or directs some work, establishment, organization, district, etc.; supervisor?

my interpretation lol

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Does it really matter? After all, a shiny A*** is just a shiny A*** at the end of the day no matter what the title :)


Its the same question as why did they change

System Co-ord
System Sergeant
then back to
System Co-ord

in the AGC?

and also

why have a RAO and a RAO?

One being Office other being Officer, as some units ive been at it confuses the soldier when someone says "go down the RAO's" the boss normally gets 2 or 3 a day :)

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