Superheroes of suburbia

Muggers have got to practice on someone and better them than real people.
I hope it get's more vigilantes out on the street. Though a sawn off and ski mask will work a hell of a lot better than a crap mask and spandex.


Keiran aka Noir is a 17 year old with autistic tendencies? Bet you feel safer with Rain Man patrolling the streets...
Best Friday night comedy I've seen in ages.

The best part was "Noir's" trainer in "grappling and martial arts" Barry, who couldn't do a single proper press up. I nearly choked on my beer laughing at the cunt.
I think the Ninja dude might stand a better chance as he is more likely to dish out some comic book style violence. The DArk Spartan could use his shield as a weapon if needed. The kid with the mask would be toast, left beaten and raped by the side of the road.

Personally I would disguise myself as a little old lady. No one suspects little old ladies, then POW! I would strike!
I just watched it on 4OD and came dangerously close to choking on a nice piece of Wensleydale when Black Spartan opened the door to the prize-winning muppet that he'd found on Facebook. Black Void (even though his gimp-suit is red and blue) who works in a comic shop and carries a cane because of his irritable bowel syndrome?! Fuck me rigid. I have half a mind to take up a life of crime just to find out what these survived abortions think they're going to do.
I hope we get one down where I live, it'll brighten my life up no end.
There was an implication that the ninja geezer was ex army, maybe 22nd mess tin repair co? Or a superwalt?

Mark The Convict

Dressing up as Guy Fawkes is passe, I take it? He's got a cape, a mask and all that shit. The hat's a bit Mennonite for my taste though;

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