A Septic cartoonist has announced he's about to launch the first gay superhero. Apparently his special powers are a bit of a mystery at the moment, I was wondering what they could possibly be...

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He 'barebacks' criminals into submission, before firing his high - tensile man- paste all over their backs. This forms into bond(age)s which are used to temporarily incarcerate said arse - reamed and by now buggered criminal.
I can also imagine when he catches bad guys he gives them a good dressing down ref their clobber..." oh that black scary costume so does not suit you, il have my agent contact you, and heres my card hunny !! " :roll:


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Superhermer 'Creed' and his sacheing sidekick 'Lube-Up' face their toughest challenge yet - their arched enemies Mendationson and 'Cyclops' . . . . called that because he only has one eye . . . .
Stan Lee must be suffering from dementia or Alzheimers and forgotten that, under his reign at Marvel, they had a Gay Superhero already in " Northstar ", one of the Alpha Flight, a Canadian superhero team aligned with the X-Men before going their own way..Northstar was the brother of Aurora and had superspeed among other powers..

sorry, the inner geek in me slipped out...ahem,ahem.. not that I ever read any of the stories, mind, I just collected them to sell to feed my drug habit...


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Mr_Deputy said:
I imagine Mendationson would posess the power to disappear and then reappear again.
From Cyclop's Eye - that is Cyclop's Superhero talent. He can make all sorts of things dissappear in his 'Brown Eye' and make it come out as something totally different . . . and smelly.
First gay superhero? Rubbish. Capt Traynor (JetLad) in the mighty Alan Moore-penned Top Ten has been around for years, and Hooded Justice (Watchmen) on the scene since the mid-80s.
tropper66 said:
We already got one in Cardiff, Capt Jack in TORCHWOOD, I saw him mincing around Cardiff Bay the other day.
Quite right too, but he's actually more of a bisexual character than just a plain vanilla hermer. :p

Actually I kind of think this Finnish comic has more to say than Stan Lee's ever will....


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