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SuperHain to the Rescue!

I saw the Welsh cretin on teh TV this morning. Peter Hain is probably one of the most irritating cnuts in Parliament. He is all over the media like a rash, spouting Bliar's policies but with nary an original thought. He is so pompous and self-righteous, it is a wonder no interviewer has filled him in. Still, we live in hope! :twisted:
Forces_Sweetheart said:
He's an appalling man. Him, 'Dr' John Reid and Charles Clarke are three of a kind. Smug, arrogant, talentless twits. How do these idiots ever end up running our country?
Because people with any sense are too disillusioned with the shower who run the country to want to go anywhere near them :(
He made a very patronising speech about Countryside Alliance protestors, and how their behaviour was criminal, clearly forgetting his own past.

Edited to avoid libel and add some detail - a colleague pointed out a small inaccuracy.

Hain has been tried at the Old Bailey twice: once for conspiracy, and once for bank robbery. He was acquitted, claiming that the charges leading to the first trial were 'trumped up' - so he'll sympathise with anyone arrested for hunting, then. The second case was apparently mistaken identity. Hain has a long history of protest, however, being involved in attempts to stop a cricket tour of South Africa (he is really a Boer, not a welshman at all), and subsequently a founder of the Anti-Nazi League, well known for their peaceful (if futile) protests. He's still a knob.


Kit Reviewer
VB, when you're as important as he is you're bound to forget tiny details......

He's still among the top candidates for a chainsaw enema
Saw him on the idiot box this am, and he was claiming that crime was down under Neue Arbeit - under what measure?

Fortunately, on the transition from old-recording to new recording, they give both, so by making the two lines match up, you can see, in reality, that crime is up under Neue Arbeit (graph shows total recorded crime):

Welcome to Total Politik. Crime stats up means that actual crime is down, because we're detecting more of it, apparently... :roll:
It is of course very easy for StuperHain to sort out evil (sorry - crime, well crime against Islingtonites), as a fully signed up member of Neue Arbeit, he simply re-defines Crime to be whatever he wants it to be.