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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Spenny, May 15, 2007.

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  1. I was recently fitted for a new pair of running shoes and was advised to opt for a pair that prevents over-pronation. Apparently Im fairly flat footed and a moderate over-pronator, so I went for Saucony Grid Omni.

    Whilst my new running shoes are great, I dont have any orthotics in my normal shoes/issue boots etc. Im assuming that this is bad for my legs as they should be conditioned to movement in one way, not two depending on which shoes Im wearing.

    Anyway - when Im tabbing/running in my issue boots, I sometimes get tight calf muscles and shin splints. I currently have sorbothane insoles in my boots and they are great for cushioning, but do nothing for my over pronating. Ive been advised to go for Superfeet blue insoles which are around £30 - does anybody have experience of these or any other decent orthotics? Bearing in mind Im looking for something to support my feet and prevent the over pronation, but also to provide adequate cushioning.

  2. I use Superfeet green insoles because I now have flat feet - they seem like a pretty good product to me.
  3. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I have been using Superfeet for years, green in boots, not sure how blue would work in "heavy" footwear.
    When correctly sized they allow the heel to make the most of its natural cushioning, but they probably will not help too much with pronation.

    I assume you know how you pronate because you have been monitored on a treadmill? If not get yourself to a specialist running shop that has one and take their advice.
  4. Yes mate - was told I overpronate by the running shop after monitoring.

    Conflicting information though - It was Superfeet themselves who advised the green insoles to help control my over-pronation.

    It was the store I tried them on in Edinburgh that advised the superfeet blue.
    They said the green insolses had high arches and as I have fairly flat feet the green would not suit me.

    Not sure who is right and I dont want to waste £30 on a useless pair of insoles!!
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I have wasted a lot more than that - and I don't have flat feet or pronation problems....

    The greens will be a problem with flat feet, go blue as they are for lower arches.

    Custom insoles now cost around 60-70 quid, I have a pair in my running shoes and another in my mountaineering boots - worth it for me.
  6. Have a look on I was using superfeet before finding these ones and I would say these ones work for me better. They give foot support and also cushioning. I would also try and find out from the unit MO or pos Admin office about the army paying for your footbeds, as I remember a guy in my old unit getting to pick his own non issue boots as he had problems with his feet, you dont ask you dont get! The sooner you get this sorted out the better, I have flat feet too and after 9 years in the mob my knees were trashed, now waiting on an MRI scan to check them out.
  7. Ask your MO to refer you to the nearest MOD physio, most (mil & civvi) do biomechanical assessments and can provide you with suitable orthotics (insoles), if you need something more specialist they can refer you on to a podiatrist, you will also get lots of training advice and its FREE! Plus it might mean your knees last a but longer. (this is of course if you are in a regular unit, if you're TA well......)

    I have heard good things about the superfeet but have not used them professionally, I use TALARmade myself (as in I wear them for the same problem), lots of good products on the market but get some prof advice first - even I went to a podiatrist to be fitted.

    Shimfer is right you can get non issue boots (eg lowa, magnums even Altbergs if your feet are really crap) through your unit - but again this is usually with physio advice and other than the Altbergs they are ordered through the QM at the MO's reccomendation.
  8. Mr_Dep

    Voodoo medicine?

    working on a hunch?

    you a physio????
  9. Sellotape / black nasty on two large smooth pebbles into the arch of your feet before a run.

    Note : If you want any more medical advice I'll start charging. I'm cheap. I'm fantastically inexperienced, I work mainly on a hunch and I'm into a bit of voodoo medicine right now as it happens. But I'm cheap.

    I also do weddings and barmizvas.


    With the cost cutting medical advice your able to offer, you better watch out!! BLiar and co will have you enrolled as head of the NHS before long!! :D
  10. Cheers for the info lads. I will make an appointment to see a podiatrist asafp and take my boots and trainers with me. Money well spent if its going to put an end to the problem.

  11. If you're in the Edinburgh area, it's probably worth thinking of going to FASIC; it's the sports science setup attached to Edinburgh University's sports centre at the Pleasance.

    I've used them for podiatry, and they're pretty good.
  12. GB

    Cheers mate - PM sent.