Superfeet insoles

Bought a pair. They were expensive. Found them difficult to cut to shape.
They are the most uncomfortable insoles I have worn. I'm going back to sorbathane.
What a waste of money!

Anyone tried them and think differently?


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I do quite rate superfeets, mainly for use in civvie shoes that I cut around in on a day to day basis.

For most military applications I wear a pair of Lowa Supercamps (occasionally alternating between hanwags), which I find offer all the support I need. I know that I naturally pronate and so for running wear a pair of saucony trainers with anti-pronation blocks in them. Therefore when I'm cutting around day-to-day I wear a pair of cheap, no support, shoes with (green) superfeet in. I find this works well and have been relatively injury free for a while now.

I can see where you're (Panic-in-Detroit) coming from in terms of difficult to cut to shape, however this can be overcome with a bit of time. The massive argument against them though is the price! They retail at around £25 (although I'm sure you can get them cheaper), and where my argument is that they are good for civvie shoes, in reality you could just wear a pair of old running trainers with the anti-pronation blocks in (if thats what you need) to get round this.

Personally though, I've found a good use for them and so value them. I would say get a good pair of running trainers and boots, wear these in your civvie shoes, and I genuinely think your susceptibility to injury will dramatically decrease. Therefore this is what they’re really useful for.

Hope this helps.
Bought a pair. They were expensive. Found them difficult to cut to shape.
They are the most uncomfortable insoles I have worn. I'm going back to sorbathane.
What a waste of money!

Anyone tried them and think differently?
Yes. They are excellent. Your feet will get sore at first but you will get used to them. Importantly they support the arches of your foot helping to prevent over pronation or flat feet. Futhermore they correct your over all posture preventing knee injuries, back problems etc.

Try this, with both bare feet flat on the floor place your palms out side by side facing upwards then get someone to press down on them as hard as they can. Then try the same thing, this time standing on the superfeet insoles. You should notice a significant increase in your strength to resist.

Combined with merino wool socks and walking poles they make an even bigger differnce. Should be standard isssue IMO as it would prevent a huge number of injuries. Sorbothane, in my experience, comfy yes, but not enough arch support.
Get rid of the Superfeet insoles and buy Sole Ultra instead. Here is why............

Superfeet - an off the shelf orthotic - come in various colours that defines there shape (ie for high arch, flat foot etc) They are generic insoles however so some people will find them a great fit and for others they just wont be comfortable.

Sole Ultra (can also get sole regular, sports, slim etc but Ultra is the best for in boots) is also an off the shelf orthotic, however they are heat mouldable. Basically you pop them in the oven for 2 mins, take them out and put them in your boots. You then put your boots on and stand for 2 mins, whilst the insoles mould to the shape of your feet.

In summary you are getting a custom fit for about £35 and for me they corrected my posture, eliminated my shin splits, sorted my gait and because they are moulded to your feet, they cradle them and therefore prevent the rubbing action which causes blisters.

I was training for P Company and had all sorts of problems when tabbing. I spent a small fortune on insoles, podiatrists, physio etc and it was these insoles that sorted everything. I now wear them in a pair of Altberg Sneekers and the difference is unbelieveable.
they are amazing, if the are right for you feet. superfeet are designed to deal with specific problems, ie arch support, Overpronation shock absorption ect. believe it or not there is a training course for people who sell these things to prevent them being sold to the wrong person, which in a previous job i was lucky enough to attend(a day of my life i will never get back).
on some people they will tear your feet to pieces and on others they are a godsend, its completely depends.

my advice to head to a shop where they know what they are talking about (ellis brigham, snow and rock and cotswolds are good, steer well clear of blacks) and talk to the resident "foot expert" who can sort you out(not the 18 year old spotty kit). don't go on a saturday or it will be too busy.
don't just buy them because they work on your mate.

like most kit its horses for courses.


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Can they also be used for running?
I've spoken to some guys who use them for running, and it works for them, but I'd really recommend you got to a proper running shop and get a decent pair of trainers with specific support. If you have got a pair of trainers with specific support, I wouldn't go using these with them. If you go to a decent place, someone with a lot of experience will be able to tell you pretty quick if you pronate, supinate, or are neutral. If you fancy paying a premium some places will be able to get you on a treadmill, record your gait, and tell you for sure. The suggestion that you don't go on a Saturday seems pretty good.

You really need to know this before you go buying any insoles, I know a good place around the Warwickshire area if this is anywhere near you. Like Main_Effort said though it does completely depend and varies person to person, so your best bet would be go to a runners shop. Have a look at this for a bit more info.
Am learning to ice skate at the moment. I have the intention of trying to get into Ice Hockey. Bought some hockey skates at the beginning of the week. Been out every night on the local pond. I found I could only be out on the ice for around 20 mins max, before my feet were damn near crippling me. Found this thread this afternoon and went of and bought a pair of Sole Response. Followed the instructions, then spent a very happy two hours slip sliding all over the ice having a great time. Although my feet still hurt, it is more akin to soreness of the muscles while undertaking exercise. Rather than foot cramps, if that makes any sense.

Sorbathanes: I hated sorbathanes. I found that the foot strike shock bounced back up to my knees causing more problems, than fixing them.
Just remember that all feet are different. What works for me may not necessarily work for you or someone else.
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