I know superdrol is ok and legal supplement to buy over the counter but has anyone ever used it or know if this stuff actually works and would this stuff get picked up on a army drugs test
You need to step back a bit and do some research on this.

Make no mistake, superdrol is a steroid - a 'designer' one so it gets through the legalities but it is the real deal, a powerful and potentially harmful anabolic steroid.

In my opinion it is one of the more dangerous substances out there, simply because you can buy it legally; this disguises the inherent dangers. There are banned steroids out there that are much safer than this substance.

Your choice: but do the research before you jump, you will hopefully choose the wiser option and stick with natural methods and I am happy to help in this area as I trust are many others on this site.
yeah i hear and understand what you say its not a putting on weight im putting weight on its just id like to pack on more muscle than i am
Standard generic comment about raising BP, naffing your liver, messes with your own homornal systems, so on and so forth. Does work but you can screw yourself over without too much difficulty if used incorrectly.

In a nutshell, if your asking for advice on advice about steroids (don't kid yourself) on an army H+F forum, then you don't have the experience or knowledge to use a product such as superdrol or its clones in a safe and effective manner.

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